Faust is Dead

by Joseph Rex Kerrick

As the white spirit struggles to regain a sense of worth, stature, and self-esteem, it naturally casts back to the grandeur of Western civilization, the unprecedented wonders of science and technology, and a culture that rediscovered the historical record of all its predecessors. This was a mighty achievement, but it came with a fatal inherent flaw. Western Man has been likened to Faust, and many in the insurgent white right embrace the archetype. There are few, however, who care to confront the devil Mephistopheles to whom Faust sold his soul, and who can be most readily identified as the cabal of Jewish financiers who bankrolled the gloried rise of the Faustian Imperium. The outcome of the world wars and consequent culture wars of the 20th century can be seen through a glass darkly as the foreclosure of the contract: Faust is dead and in Hell, and Mephistopheles has inherited the empire.

As the essay at the Faust link spells out, the remorseless advance of the Modern Age from the Renaissance led step-by-step to the destruction of the human soul and the suppression of spiritual awareness. A milestone was the “Enlightenment” that began in the 18th century, arrogantly reversing the meaning of the word. This de facto Endarkenment enshrined the material world as the sole object of worship, with the laws of physics as its dogma and scientists as its high priests. The soul was superseded by the ego, which usurped the throne of God and became the driving force of the Zeitgeist, striving heroically but blindly in foredoomed hubris. It was this Faustian ego that achieved its intellectual apotheosis with Nietzsche, elected Adolf Hitler as its Avatar, and was crushed by the minions of Mephistopheles in World War II.

The identity of the victors was agonizingly clear in postwar Germany, where the occupation forces and subsequent Jewish-dominated government forced the people to submit to a program of “denazifiction” and imprinted their children with a burden of guilt and self-hatred for the “holocaust” they had supposedly inflicted on “God’s chosen people”. It was much easier to purvey the unholy agenda in the Western countries that had allied against Hitler, especially America, simply by padding the illusion that they were the winners, and spinning it out to ungodly proportions. Inspired by advances in science and medicine, and especially by the financial boom, Fortune magazine proclaimed the final victory of man over nature ~ i.e, speaking through this organ, Mephistopheles publicly usurped the identity of Faust and claimed to have accomplished one of his greatest goals.

The diabolic entity spent the rest of the 1950s reshaping the landscape and culture in its own image; e.g., a Jewish realtor literally invented suburbia, as Levittown became the model for cash-cow housing developments across the land. Struggling rural proletarians and farmers were happy to move en masse into the sprawling tracts of identical ticky-tacky houses and buy the mass-market cars they needed to get to their assembly-line jobs, as well as to the new mass-marketed chains of identical restaurants (McDonald’s), hotels (Holiday Inn), and all the burgeoning retail outlets that were later dubbed “big box”.

With all their material dreams fulfilled, the citizens of the capitalist workers’ paradise didn’t even notice that their souls had shriveled up to specks. It’s a farcical irony that today’s Alt-Right idealizes this dehumanized era just because the people in the trivia pics are all white. They don’t piece together the pattern of history and recall that the “civil rights” movement and the mandate for mass race-mixing was unfolding at the same time, part of the same agenda of the dark power that dominated the land.

Further, an artifact of the era reveals the dark underbelly of those picture-perfect white suburbs: Rebel Without a Cause (1955) shows the moral rot that was eating away the souls of the young. The analysis is striking because the moral standards it invoked have been utterly swept away since then, or even reversed. The film defines the issues as the emasculation of fatherhood resulting in female-dominated families, broken families with absent fathers and self-centered mothers, and social pressure on decent girls to act like (or become) whores.

But the script goes deeper and strikes at the heart of the larger problem. In an early scene the high school class goes to a planetarium show where a scientific authority-figure lectures them on the meaninglessness of human life, which is “trivial” and “an episode of little consequence… in the infinite reaches of space.” The point is dramatized (and traumatically imprinted) by a cosmic explosion as the Sun goes nova and wipes out the Earth, followed by the remark “That’s all.” The implications of the scene may be missed by some viewers, but we can see that it reveals the perpetrator of the whole malaise as Faust.

With Faust’s legacy in the hands of Mephistopheles the last outer trappings and vestiges of the White Imperium were remorselessly peeled away in the following decades, like a helpless giant getting skinned alive. The raw, bleeding corpse was interred at century’s end, but by means of a miracle unknown to the masses, the White Spirit rose again in glory with the new millennium. This rebirth brings to Earth the divine light which consecrates the universe and dwells in all sentient beings. It can save the Earth and redeem the human species, but only through the instrumentality of a newly enlightened white race. The individuals who embrace this Spirit experience its unconditional love, and receive the wisdom to temper it with implacable justice. They perceive the common humanity in all races, but preserve the special love of kith and kin for their own.

Above all, the new white breed will cast off the canker of Faust, renouncing the ignorance that denied the Spirit and was blind to the entire numenal realm. Only thus will they have the power to reclaim the science of Faust and the wisdom to use the material tools in the service of Spirit.

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8 thoughts on “Faust is Dead

  1. Hello Joseph,
    Although I can see where you are coming from it seems to me that this Play has been enacted through all of recorded history as well as history before. The “Earth had become formless and void”, its great cities thrown down, the heavenly host divided and embattled to the destruction of the known worlds. This all before ‘let there be light’ or humans to see it.

    Rome destroyed before ever a circuit board was printed. The French revolution and the horrific destruction of life and property before Bell rang the first phone. Sodom and Gomorrah laid low by immoralities which Hollywood, San Francisco and Tel Aviv could only dream of long before the first ingot of iron was wrought in a furnace of coal.

    And in the land of India, where some feel spirituality is most evolved, we have the wars of the Mahabharata which needed no Faust nor his children. Only a family of gods at odds with each other who wielded weapons which would be described today as nuclear and or scalar. Oh, and a couple thousand monkey men.

    With very little delving you can dredge up horrific ‘immorality’ including murder, mayhem , theft, sodomy, bestiality, war, pestilence and anything else you deem to be soulless and anti-spiritual long before a Faust was ever conceived. Cain presumably slew Able with a rock in the very foothills of Eden after his mother’s sins got them the boot from Paradise. Hell, they did not even have cloths let alone a cell phone.

    The records of Sumeria described horrific battles between the gods which had effects far worse than anything we have unleashed upon man in the current technological era. Nearly a mirror or counterpart of the Indian ‘myths’. Cyclic and inevitable it seems, across the material realm through all the ages known or imagined. Except for the Golden Age, where the lion and the lamb lay together in peace. But why the fangs I wonder?

    Perhaps The Play is the thing. The conflict is the fire and the world is the press-forge where our coal souls are hammered into diamonds. Sometimes. Perhaps Nietzsche was alluding to this cyclic drama more than some give him credit for. Perhaps the golden age is a myth to keep the children playing the game. The awaited return of Christ is so that rather than take up the Promethean torch ourselves we await the return of a savior, or an avatar, to do for us what we will not do for ourselves. Another Jewish trick to deceive the ignorant goyam into inaction and ultimately oblivion through surrender? Perhaps this is why the Nazis were seeking ancient technology. To fight fire with fire. Who knows? Certainly not I, yet the imagination is free to roam when the mind is open. (Mine seems to be like a big, fat apertured sieve these days!)

    Perhaps we should seek an Odin rather than a Christ? I don’t know but I know we need a new deal. One less raw I should think. Recently I have been watching the HBO Westworld series and a certain thread runs deep through it. That is all I will say about that except that it is worth pondering and investigating.

    By the way Joseph, I love your work but I’m just not an anti-anything as much as a pro-somethings. Technology can be a curse or a blessing. It is the humans themselves who are responsible for carrying the Ark into war, albeit at the behest of the vindictive murder god. Taking away the toys does not teach the children how to share them, it only keeps them children.


  2. Very interesting exegesis, Zen. I had to study it a bit to figure out how it relates to my essay above; it definitely addresses a different point from the one I intended. Of course history is cyclical, but it doesn’t invalidate my thesis, which pivots on the SPECIFIC PART of the cycle we’re in now. Your presentation strikes me as a mishmash of history, mythology, and doctrines of various religions, and I note that you draw the honest conclusion: “Who knows? Certainly not I…”

    The cycle has been charted with a high degree of exactitude using actual knowledge, not just imagination or belief. The four Ages/Aeons/Yugas unroll from the warp of fate with the precision of an atomic clock, and each has its inherent characteristics. The Golden Age was very different from what you’re imagining. Here are two versions:

    Thule ~ An Alt-Reality

    The Golden Age of Thule

    The first clarifies the defining feature of the Age: Supernal Spirit, the divine Oneness, the source of all light, love, and power, is continuously active in the life of the people, and many individuals are God-realized. In the second, note that the first thing the White Gods did after their descent into matter was to commit genocide on the Neanderthal. This was a manifestation of the Divine Will. If this doesn’t grok for you, Alt-Reality chapter 4 is Holy War ~ The Real Thing. It explains the spiritual value of warfare. Lions don’t lie down with lambs except in certain religious & political fantasies.

    In reply to some of your other remarks: Christ IS Prometheus. Faustians cannot shift for themselves spiritually, so they need a Supernal Avatar. Hitler was an Avatar of Odin, a non-Supernal deity, which is why he lost the war to the Christians manipulated by the Jews; see The Secret Weapon. The “vindictive murder god” was of course the Hebrew Yahweh. And I guess you missed that I made the point at the end that “technology can be a curse or a blessing”, except that, unlike you, I specified exactly how it can be turned from a curse into a blessing.

    I’m sorry you got the impression that the essay was “anti-something”, i.e. accentuating the negative. The positive prescription is given in the *Seelenheil* link at the bottom, an opus I’ve been developing and attempting to promote for years. Many people have expressed appreciation for the literary value & general interest, but there have been no takers for the actual practice, because most of the readers have been Faustians. Thus the current essay. It’s like in AA: you have to realize and admit that you have a problem with alcohol before you can go on to the positive steps for the cure.

  3. I think your analogy sums things up correctly Joseph. I wish I was gifted to write so. I am though intelligent to see the curse of the great Jewish Leviathan feeding off mankind since the beginning of time.

    • Thanks for the comment, John, I’m glad you agree with the analysis.

      IMO opposing the Jewish Leviathan requires more than criticizing it or trying to “expose” it. Millions of people are now aware of it, and lots of them are venting their spleens at it on the Internet. It has gotten to the point where it does more harm than good, in that it’s mostly just a big splooge of negative energy, which the Leviathan feeds on in a collective psychic sense and uses to whine about “anti-Semitism” on the political front. Worst of all are the people who self-righteously post and repost atrocity stories of all sorts, which does nothing but amplify the venom of the perpetrators themselves and further their cause.

      The only thing that can effectively oppose the Beast is a positive alternative, a white spiritual upsurge. My effort in this direction can be found at the Seelenheil link at the end of the post above.

  4. Joseph,
    Im a gonna wander again but I’m all about the mental walk abouts so I apologize in advance.

    What I was driving at was it seems your pointing out how technology and modernity caused us to dive into a spiritual abyss. I was making a quick and random scan of history and myth and finding the same sort of spiritual abyss regardless of the type or level of technology. The mishmash was intentional to make an observation. The ubiquity of the spiritual morass regardless of people or circumstance. Perhaps Whites are now in your Faustian Abyss but there are countless others and the source is not the circumstance, it is people themselves. If one accepts that humans are the cause of inhumanity than everything else is merely a side issue. One need only go to a third world country to see the same drama played out on a different stage.

    My hope is that the various stages are constructed so that certain players are able to rise above mere actors into the playwrights. If your offering a path out for those who are ready and wish to take that path then that is great. It’s just I’m not sure if exiting stage right is the answer. Acting the play to completion might be the reason and the lesson.

    I have communicated with you in the past and your level of dislike for our technological society is deeper than anyone I have personally encountered. Or perhaps it is the use it is being put to rather than the tech itself. Either way, from my vantage point without the current cesspool its detractors would be denied a fishing hole and a windmill. Ah! That’s it! The Faustians vs the Don Quixoteians. 🙂 I don’t take issue with spiritual elevation just such a form that would require ejecting technology. Were someone to actually demonstrate and deliver consumer magic most would turn it to black uses but some would use it to elevate themselves. Same as technology or anything else.

    You said….
    “The cycle has been charted with a high degree of exactitude using actual knowledge, not just imagination or belief.”
    From my vantage point this is a statement of subjective reality but not an objective reality. If it is truly a fact than you must try and forgive me because no one has yet to my knowledge, (or belief even), produced evidence of such Knowledge. Guarded whispers of superior knowledge bequeathed upon a select few just don’t cut the mustard for me. Most of these when critically examined or called to task do a belly flop. I’m more like Doctor Strange than Doktor Faust. That’s a reference you would only get by watching the Doctor Strange movie that recently came out. I’m sure you see the humor in that. In short he is an outright skeptic but when a guru actually demonstrates something incredible he desires to learn how to do it. He accepts the result whatever the source and thus is brought into a state of knowledge without ever really having the belief. Similar to the Carl Jung video you directed me towards.

    I certainly believe that you believe you Know, I’m just outside the loop of the Knowing as you know, which makes me a skeptic if I question or a dupe if I accept without evidence. Either way what’s a poor boy to do?

    In past discussions we have banged heads about belief vs knowledge with me taking the stance that most knowledge is simply dogma and opinion. Mulder wants to believe, I want to know. (Caution – A Faustian X-Files reference there!) Mulder knows there are UFO’s. He believes in flying saucers.

    Enough of that wandering!

    Your Seelenheil is wonderful in that you are offering a solution, or at least a path from the target abyss while most only point out the issues without offering solutions. They only offer channels for emotional energy. Once this emotional energy is vented it is useless for anything constructive and actually tightens the constrictors coils. Each impotent exhalation of fear merely brings one closer to death. Us Whites are in the coils of the serpent but perhaps we can tame it rather than kill it?

    Is it possible that rather than escape the tech maze we need to master it? A Roddenberry Star Trek vs a Amish Homestead? Once again I don’t know but I Know I hate skeeters and am sure glad for bug zappers!

    Your friend and a seeker!

  5. Hi, Zen. My comment above was meant to explain why I disagree with your belief that all those historical examples you cite are the same kind of negative phenomena. My use of the capitalized word ‘Abyss’ is in the covert context of its usage in certain mystic-magical orders like the Golden Dawn and its offshoot Thelema, where it has a precise esoteric meaning. This furthermore agrees with the same concept recognized by all other initiates, though they use many different names and symbols for it. In this sense there is only one Abyss, the mystic void that encompasses the manifest universe. All souls plunge into it at death, and all civilizations at their appointed hour, which is the end of the Iron Age / Kali Yuga, and not before, no matter what horrible events may transpire or what magnitude of suffering the people may undergo. When the moment arrives the play is complete and the curtain comes down. I don’t advocate any premature exeunts.

    I’m glad you picked up our ongoing debate about evidence, because I dug up an old spiel specifically to address it: The Reality Spectrum.

    I’ll continue my response in a comment on that post, and look forward to your reply there. 🙂

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