Our exclusive inside sources reveal that when a total eclipse of the Sun crosses the United States on August 21st, a secret league of white revolutionaries will trigger a synchronized collapse of the power grid. Oil, gas, and water pipelines will be bombed in remote locations, while cable and phone services will be sabotaged. The conspirators believe themselves to be spiritually enlightened, and vow that not a single human being will be physically harmed in the course of their exploit, though many will die in the aftermath. For they plan to pull the plug not only on North America but across the world; they have hacked into the systems of all the major powers, and have especially targeted Israel.

The leader of the white insurgents is a young man named Ramar, reputed to be possessed of psychic and spiritual superpowers. He is revered by his followers as an Avatar of God, who will single-handedly fulfill the endtime prophecies of Hindus and Christians, combining in his person the avenging Kalki and the Second Coming of Christ.

Opposing his plan to bring down the world order is a young black woman named Kalianna, who claims to be the Avatari of the Goddess Kali. She is in league with the Jewish lords of international finance, and is the linchpin of a plot by Mossad to bomb the Muslim shrines on the holy mount in order to rebuild the Temple of Solomon. The target date is also August 21st, while the eclipse is in progress in the USA.

The whole amazing story is told in: Pull the Plug

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