The Invisible Empire

The Nth Generation

Instant recapThe Fourth Turning (1997) posited a recurring historical cycle that can predict the broad pattern of events. We’ve carried it forth from the successful prophecy of the 9/11 attacks to the present moment, in which a crisis era is approaching its climax. In the last chapter we noted that the pattern matches that of the American Civil War and its aftermath in the South.

4. The Invisible Empire

The Alt-Right euphorically claimed credit for electing Donald Trump by its tactics of spreading virulent memes, trolling the opposition, and exposing Jewish control of America to an ever-expanding circle of converts. Newly-minted leaders rolled with the momentum via speaking engagements and rallies, many of which got canceled due to heavy left-wing flak and fear of violence. The meteor struck ground in Charlottesville, where a well-planned stratagem by the left-liberal establishment succeeded in shattering the public image of the movement, despite Trump’s refusal to parrot the defamations.

In March 2018 the Daily Stormer published a major piece titled Which Way, White Man by Andrew Anglin, recapping the history of the movement and trying to work out a new strategy. The pivotal passage was: “In the aftermath of Charlottesville, everything changed.” He detailed the cumulative downfall, which included censorship of racial websites starting with the DS, the expulsion of leading advocates from social media, and the implosion of prominent organizations due to personal infighting and scandal. The core issue, as always, is white identity, but now the identity of the movement promoting it had schizophrenically atomized. The term “Alt-Right” suddenly became very unpopular, as noted in the essay.

In the weeks after Charlottesville there was lots of talk by partisans about a “C’ville War”, playing on the name. The snowball continued to roll through a more strategically successful march at Shelbyville and a flash-mob return to Charlottesville. None of this was enough to head off the remorseless melt-down, as pundits churned out “autopsies” and the movement got deactivated along with numerous social media accounts. So it was that Anglin’s latter-day analysis amounted to an admission that the white right had lost the C’ville War. Appomattox II!

If this interpretation is accepted, it plugs the present moment into the exact node of the cycle when the South lost the ‘first’ Civil War. This points to a strategy matching the pattern in which Confederate veterans fought on as the Ku Klux Klan, until they ultimately reclaimed their homeland from the (((carpetbaggers))) and their negro stooges. The physical guerrilla war waged by the Klan should not be taken as a literal model; rather, we need to adapt the pattern of action to the differing circumstances that prevail today.

The end of the last Fourth Turning (1945-46) brought a jubilant, victorious unity to the whole socius of America and its allied powers. This is in stark contrast to the state of the present polity, torn into warring factions on both sides of the Atlantic. This pattern is obviously not going to change in the next two years no matter what happens in any elections, including the big one in the USA in 2020, the benchmark for the end of the saeculum. The outcome this time will not be unity but enduring division. No matter what specific form the grand climax takes, it will not galvanize society into one, but decisively cleave it into conflicting poles, left vs. right and black vs. white ~ except that in a racial sense the “black” will spin off into all the shades of brown.

Despite setbacks on the public stage, white racial awakening continues to percolate under the surface. Much of it is still on the internet, but it’s spilling over into surprising places IRL. Local civic leaders and graduate students have expressed pro-white views and criticized Jews, and naturally gotten in trouble for it. But this is the tip of the iceberg, because most such people are discrete enough to pursue their agendas covertly and share their forbidden opinions only with like-minded friends. On social media I encountered the “Elders of the Black Sun” who used Alt-Right humor in naming themselves “Elder Zyklon” and “Elder Lampshade”. They turned out to be just one young man, a student at an elite military academy, where he has formed a “Traditionalist Society” to discuss the likes of Julius Evola and kindred thinkers with fellow students and even faculty.

What developments can we expect from this emerging pattern? Anglin advises his following to patiently infiltrate the system. He predicts that eventually “our ideology will become an acceptable part of the political spectrum, so just chill and don’t blow your cover. Our time is coming soon ~ by 2023 there’ll be millions of us, an invisible empire.” This harks us right back to the post-Civil War, for when the tide began to turn in the South the KKK was known far and wide as the Invisible Empire.

Nth Gen-4

As noted in the previous chapter, the Klan’s victory came by implementing legal separation of the races. This created a framework that gave complete political control and cultural supremacy to the whites, even though in some states the black ex-slaves comprised a majority of the population. Now we must look to the near future and ask if there is any prospect of white nationalism attaining any kind of comparable victory, in a pattern that parallels the past example even if the form differs greatly.

Where will those millions of newly-awakened white partisans come from? Which generation and which socioeconomic class will contribute the biggest yield to the bumper crop? It’s challenging to work out the demographics because of the unprecedented polyphony of cultures and subcultures, microcultures and multicultures breeding freely in cyberspace and the soil of the global village. But the most dominant faction of whites is arguably comprised of the educated liberal bohemians who are today called SWPLs (humorously pronounced “swipples”). The name derives from a blog and best-selling book titled Stuff White People Like ~ viz. the high-end consumer goods favored by the cohort in question.

The SWPLs are the upscale white core of blue-staters, who along with their black and brown votaries were the popular majority in the ’16 election. They’re mostly Gen X and Millennials, because Boomers like different stuff and the Z-kids don’t have the bucks to buy it yet. It’s likely that most of the souls who coalesced online into the Alt-Right were SWPL defectors, though the demographics of this are impossible to determine because of the anonymous nature of 4chan, 8chan, and other venues. Anglin and his Stormer comrade Roy Batty are from very high-end backgrounds, so surely there’s cultural resonance with most of those who like their stuff.

And of course they like Trump, whose ‘based’ agenda still resonates despite some crafty counter-moves to Jerusalem and points east. Trump’s biggest constituency is working-class whites, at whom SWPLs look down their noses as “the wrong kind of white people”, viz. those rednecked “racists”. But such down-to-earth folks are far less likely to be drawn into the alt-reality of “neon-nazis” who find nothing but ironic(?) humor in callous mantras like “gas the kikes”. The fallout from Charlottesville included the demise of the Traditionalist Workers Party, which professed to represent white proletarians. With little to say to this class, the Stormer makes a big effort to target the youngsters of “Generation Zyklon”, who are hoped to provide the bulk of those millions of new recruits. For a reality-check, we note the countless causeways that were filled with boots on the ground for the gun-control demonstration of March ’18. Even Anglin acknowledged that “millions of cocksuckers” had turned out. In commenting on the demo, the white right pundit Michael King, who is on the older end of Gen X, said:

Despite the artificial orchestration, a majority of today’s dumb-as-dirt under-18’s truly would like to see firearms abolished.” He ranted on about “the typical public-schooled post-millennials” and pointed out that “a majority of this ‘diverse’ bunch” is entrenched in the opposite camp: “These are the Obongo kids ~ a retarded generation of Marxified morons that is now all grown up and almost ready to vote (yikes!)”

Mike’s analysis is too unnuanced to take at face value, but it highlights the demographic fact that in Gen Z the budding white rightists are vastly outnumbered by their left-liberal adversaries. I suspect that the prediction of millions flocking to the cause will turn out to be as big a fantasy as the rest of the white right’s wish list. Right at the top is the notion that “after we take over” there will be mass deportations of non-whites, regardless of whether they’re legal or illegal immigrants or citizens with a multigenerational pedigree. In the USA and Western Europe this would indeed be the only way for whites to regain control of their homelands, a fact that adds not a jot of feasibility to the prospect. And this is where our situation fatally differs from that of the South after the Civil War: it was politically possible for them to reestablish white supremacy within their borders.

The harsh reality is that none of the great nation-states of the Western world can ever be reclaimed by the heirs of their white founders. Those who can accept this truth will be ready for the radically different strategy dictated by the situation, and will populate the Invisible Empire as pioneers of a new white homeland. Many brave souls are already drifting in this direction, but without compass or mainsail. Knowledge of history and the saecular cycle provides a blueprint and a roadmap, and this is what I’ll unveil in upcoming chapters.

5. The Penultimate Election

5 thoughts on “The Invisible Empire

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  2. Joseph, Always enjoy your take on things.I feel that Christianity and Jewish Worship has made the Aryan Remnant weak,and confused, to there rightful places, of Blood And Soil. When we Warriors balance from a soft lighter hand that we have had for many decades, to strong darker hand which we shall manifest soon,we shall see the results,of our Aryan Ancestors. When we give up the fear of dying, for the Aryan future,our people shall reign again. As you know it is all a game! I hope to see more writings of yours, I am always keeping up with your web sites. I pray that RAMA Spirit is here for us.

      • Joseph, I am honored. I really am enjoying the new medium you are using, for getting truths out to the elect. You are certainly stamping your eternal footprints, on trying to awake the sleeping Aryan. You have my respect, and admiration, for all your works. You are a Warrior Of Words!

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