The End of America

The Nth Generation

Instant Recap: The Fourth Turning is the climax of a historical cycle lasting eighty to a hundred years, a concept taken from a book of that title by William Strauss & Neil Howe, published in 1997. It predicted the 9/11 attacks and many other events and patterns that have unfolded since then. The political crisis that’s upon us now is the latest Fourth Turning, forecast to reach its dramatic outcome in 2020.

6. The End of America

The split decision in the U.S. midterm elections intensifies the country’s polarization: instead of liberal/left/Democrats agitating as outsiders against a Trump/Republican government, the two sides will now take up their bitter, uncompromising conflict within the seat of power itself. This has turned up the volume on the cacophony about civil war, but in ‘realpolitikal’ fact it eliminates any serious chance of such an outcome, at least in a literal sense. There may be plenty of violence by opposing throngs of citizens (not to mention immigrants), but the government itself will not split apart into warring factions armed with the formidable weaponry of nation-states. Of course the distinction may be merely academic, as told here in a darkly humorous vein:

A Civil War By Any Other Name…

Now what do these developments mean in light of the grand saecular cycle which we’re using as our reference? Strauss & Howe began with the Wars of the Roses in the 15th century and charted six Fourth Turnings through World War II, all of which had a positive outcome for the protagonists they focus on, mostly England and America. What we’re faced with now is a negative outcome to our crisis-era, unprecedented since Europe was ravaged by the Black Death (plague) in the 14th century. In chapter 5 we made clear that no matter whether the right or left attains a conclusive electoral victory in the USA and Europe in 2020 and thereafter, the larger consequence will not be a happy reunification and reconciliation in the culture, but rather a society permanently riven into hostile factions. Instead of a resolution as in past Fourth Turnings, there will be a dissolution and ongoing dissention.

What can racially awakened whites hope to do in such a challenging political situation? In chapter 4 we noted that white right pundits called for the formation of an Invisible Empire, a secret network within the system. The context was the expectation of becoming “an acceptable part of the political spectrum”, implying relative stability ~ i.e. “business as usual” would continue to shift to the right, as it did in Trump’s first two years. Many bright young people may choose to pursue this strategy with satisfying results, at least individually. But if the long-awaited breakdown of society has truly begun, the time will be ripe for more radical action by a different kind of movement from those that are focused on immediate political objectives.

A crisis era is the fourth and last phase (turning) of a saeculum. Phase One is called a ‘High’, which in all past cycles was a euphoric upshift to peace and prosperity following the successful resolution of the crisis, like the boom times after World War II. But now instead of a boom there’ll be a blowout as the crisis ends in cataclysm; instead of a High, the new Phase One will surely be a Low.

The generation that comes of age in the High was labeled ‘Artist’ by Strauss & Howe, no doubt inspired by the Beatniks of the 1950s. But the popular name of that particular cohort was the “Silent Generation”, and its members modeled the essence of Phase One: they were builders, entrepreneurs, and establishmentarians, taking care of business and getting things done. Two cycles earlier they were the American Founding Fathers, writing the Constitution and forging a Republic out of the Federation of States that had won the Revolution. If they were artists, their medium was the clay of the political firmament.

The current Artist cohort is popularly known as Generation Z. Its dates are more precisely defined than any before: September 11, 2001 through November 3, 2020 (the U.S. Presidential election). These are the children and teenagers who will be hurled headlong into the undiscovered country of the Low Era. It’s not likely that they’ll be silent, like their post-WWII predecessors, and it’ll be difficult to build anything from the High Era blueprint with the foundation crumbling and the establishment lumbering along to the woodpile ~ or perhaps the trash heap of history.

A window into what’s ahead may have opened just at the time of this writing: the white right was celebrating the surging forces of nationalism as the Yellow Vest movement rattled the rafters in France, only to be slapped in the face by the murder conviction of straw man James Fields in the Charlottesville trial. The Daily Stormer headline was The End of America, quickly echoed across the net with countless comments of shock & awe, e.g.: the last shred of democracy has raveled away; the (((deep state))) is so powerful that it can ruthlessly crucify anyone accused of the crime of “white racism”; etc., etc. And the wailing refrain was that the future looks hopelessly bleak.

The collective short attention span will naturally shift to some happier focus in reaction to the stream of events, but we who look deeper and see further must note the ominous significance. What Andrew Anglin unwittingly admitted in his outburst was the blowout of the Stormer’s fantasy-agenda of “white American nationalism”. Even for those who think only with their gut, the Fields conviction revealed that no matter how much Trump’s theatrics may leverage white racial activism, his regime will never thwart the heavy hand of our (((enemies))) on the hardcore issues.

All top-tier conspiracy analysts know that the only significant conflict within the prevailing World Order is between two factions of Jewish power-mongers: the Globalists, led by George Soros, and the Zionists, whose current hatchet-man is the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu. The last U.S. President who was clear on the concept of “the Jews” and tried to oppose them was Richard Nixon. He was forcibly removed from office and replaced by a Golem named Gerald Ford. Since then, every Democratic President has been a shill for the Globalists and every Republican for the Zionists.

Trump was a wild card, an individualist outsider who threatened to overturn the whole cart of polished apples (or kosher sausages), but gradually forged a deal with the Zionists sufficient to keep the system (or Matrix) on track. And most amazing of all, his strategic deconstruction of Globalist economic programs has actually pumped up the global economy, thereby leveraging his equity in the one matter on which both sides of the JWO agree: money in the bank. Or literally: ever-increasing debt to the international bankers, most of whom are Jews.

In chapter 4 I debunked the racial aspect of the white political fantasy by asserting the self-evident fact that the vast numbers of non-whites who now occupy Europe and America can never be expelled, and therefore none of the nation-states can ever be reclaimed by the heirs of their white founders. Now we observe the even harsher reality that Jewish control of the World Order can never be overthrown. The power Jews now possess is rooted in the very foundation of Western Civilization. The white right flatters itself as the race that built it, but a deeper reading of history reveals that it was a collaborative effort between the genius and virtus of white Western Man and the shrewd financial cunning of the Jews. This grudging alliance was forged right at the beginning of the aeon, even before the Renaissance, as evidenced in the true myth of Faust and Mephistopheles. The story at that link explains in down-to-earth detail why the Devil is now collecting his due.

Most white activists know how communism sprouted like a poisonous growth from the Jewish collective soul in the 19th century, but not many grasp that the same is true of capitalism, begotten centuries earlier. The very concept of a bank, an institution whose raison d’etre is the practice of usury, could have hatched only in the Jewish collective consciousness, which is steeped in the Talmud. This hoary old book, more sacred to the Jews than the Bible, deals at great length with what we would today call economic theory.  It’s filled with nitty-gritty rules on how to conduct affairs of trade and business, including the precept that it’s perfectly righteous to lie, cheat, and steal in financial transactions with the Goyim, whom Yahweh wishes his Chosen People to herd like cattle and fleece like sheep. To imagine the financial engine of world civilization chugging along in some kind of new regime liberated from the Jews would be like planting pennies to grow a money-tree.

I hope this makes it painfully clear that patriotism is only viable for those white Americans who don’t mind browning their family tree or rendering unto Shlomo the shekels that are Shlomo’s. What can be done in such a dark situation? We’ll explore some options and forecast further developments in the next chapter:

7. Apocalypse Trigger

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