God’s War, White Spirit

White warriors who grasp the message of the video above may have some further questions, for in fact much remains to be said. Some viewers got the impression that we profess Christianity, because it’s highlighted in the footage with the Crusades and a battle featuring Grail Knights. But this is not the exclusive focus, for Germanic Paganism is also mentioned, as well as “the esoteric teachings of East and West”. There are likewise a couple of images from the Mahabharata, the tale of the greatest battle in Aryan history. It was fought in India centuries before Christ was born, and victory was delivered by the Son of God ~ whose name was Krishna.

A key point in the presentation is that the fighter must surrender to God to attain victory in Gotteskrieg. But who, then, is this ‘Supreme Lord’ if not the familiar God of the Western religions? Ah, but even that God has an esoteric dimension, hinted at in the most mystical of the four Gospels and the only one written by a Gentile: “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” ~ John 4:24

The Spirit in Our Midst informs us about the ultimate sphere of existence called the Supernal Realm, and says that “the divine consciousness which comprises this realm is recognized by most humans as God, but it may also be called Supernal Spirit.”

So is it possible to surrender to such a Spirit and receive the same blessings, uplift, and power as in surrendering to God? Yes, yes, and yes! It’s the biggest open secret in the arcana of all the ages, and here’s our updated rendition: RamaDharma One

Finally, here’s The Payoff. It asks the question: “how can we be sure it’s the White Spirit?”, and gives a conclusive answer.


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