A White Network


The Kin of Aries is a network of sites and social media created by people who want to express their white identity, oppose the forces that threaten white survival, and build a community dedicated to the visionary goal of a White Millennium.

The powerful anti-white forces in control of global technology have been conducting a purge of pro-white websites, blogs, and individuals across the Internet for almost two years. To sustain our presence and continue to spread our message we need to develop our own nexus of connections, resilient enough to weather the storm of shutdowns. So we’d like to join forces with all like-minded kindred in order to expand our network and multiply our contacts. If you think this is a good idea and would like to participate, feel free to fill out the form below for the private exchange of information.

Here are links to pages that publicly introduce us:

Joseph Rex Kerrick


White Spirit

WS Speaks Feature

Flo Nightingale


We call ourselves the Kin of Aries because we are among the few who know from breathtaking personal experience that the collective soul of the white race was reborn at the turn of the millennium in the sign of the Ram. Here’s the inside scoop: Ramagenesis

And here’s our YouTube channel:

Aryan Arcanum

Channel Art strip

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