The Age of the Ram

by The Kin of Aries

1. The Avatar Working

by Joseph Rex Kerrick


That a man can stand on Earth and reach up to touch the heavens is the first principle of the oldest human science: magic. Step two is that he communes with the beings who dwell in the celestial realm, at which point he may presume on his fellowship with them for earthly aims of his own. The most common practice is to ask the Gods (under whatever names and in whatever guise) for favors; this is called adjuration, a more finely-tuned and potent variation of prayer. Any magus worth his salt can successfully adjure minor miracles on a regular basis, but grander things are possible.

Just like its stepchildren the physical sciences, magic involves exact correlation of many factors for a successful operation; these include external circumstances both physical and numenal. It’s easy to pick the right location and assemble the proper tools, but the celestial influences on the mundane world are constantly shifting. Determining their aggregate nature at any given moment is the function of the second-oldest science: astrology. Run-of-the-mill magic requires only a moderately favorable chart (horoscope) for the day of the operation, with the planetary aspects attuned to the task at hand. Workings for larger aims need better charts, i.e. celestial configurations that come around less often, producing rare good fortune for worthy earthlings, and major miracles for those who know that the Force waxes strong on a given day and can wield it like a light-sabre.

The rarest astrological events in recorded history occurred at the turn of the millennium, hardly a coincidence since new aeons are always inaugurated from above. I did my part below for the grandest aim I could imagine, which was dearest to my heart: the salvation of the white racial soul and reversal of its earthly fortunes from doom to deliverance. Here’s the story: RamaGenesis

Note that Chapter 3 is titled The Avatar Working, featuring this flag I created as a magical sigil for the operation:

If a white Avatar was born in the flesh during the peak of the planetary alignment of May 2000 (5-2K), he is now celebrating his 19th birthday. No man has yet stepped forth to claim this fiat, so please consider the information given in The Family of the Ram that the divine child born in 5-2K is also a spiritual being, alive and well in the numenal realm without need of a physical body. The Family, of course, is the Kin of Aries, and our identity is expressed in the line “We are the few who know from breathtaking personal experience that the collective soul of the white race went through a dramatic death and rebirth at the turn of the millennium.”

Some people might wonder how our New Aeon might correlate with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius in the great cycle of the ages, determined by the tilt of the Earth’s axis in relation to the zodiacal constellations. Though it’s been heralded since the end of the nineteenth century, the transition has not yet taken place. The exact time is difficult to calculate because of the conflict between astrology and astronomy, with the determining factor being the boundary in the sky between Pisces and Aquarius. Depending on where it’s drawn, the earliest node at which the Sun will rise in Aquarius on the Vernal Equinox will be the year 2160, with the furthest node at least 200 years later.

The coming of the Ram, however, offers the possibility of a literal paradigm shift. The alignment occurred during Beltane, the pagan cross-quarter day halfway between the Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice. If a collective of people made the arbitrary but portentous choice of Beltane as the solar marker for the identity of the prevailing Aeon, they would find themselves living in the middle of the Age of Aries ~ of which the original was an historical apotheosis of the white race.

2. The Marvelous Myth of Ramar

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