Apocalypse Trigger

The Nth Generation

Instant Recap: The Fourth Turning is the climax of a historical cycle lasting eighty to a hundred years, a concept taken from a book of that title published in 1997. Chapter 6: Contrary to the political fantasies of the white right, the vast numbers of non-whites who now occupy Europe and America can never be expelled, and therefore none of the nation-states can ever be reclaimed by the heirs of their white founders. Jewish control of the World Order can never be overthrown because their power is rooted in the very foundation of Western Civilization.

7. Apocalypse Trigger

As events lumbered along toward the end of the Fourth Turning, the crisis seemed to be wilting from a bang to a whimper. Trump completed his meltdown from a God-Emperor to a certified kosher weenie, and so the interminable infighting with the Democrats and Republicunts became utterly boring and irrelevant to the white right. Then suddenly everything changed with an eruption of gunshots seen and heard around the world in a dramatic new medium. A catch-phrase of the hippie-Marxist rebellion of the 1960s was: “the revolution will not be televised!” As usual, the Reds were wrong.

It happened in the smallest province of the former White Imperium (upon which the sun finally set at the end of the second millennium), namely New Zealand. A man with a video camera mounted on his head and an assault rifle in his hands entered a mosque and slaughtered everyone inside. He livestreamed the whole thing on social media, having previously posted invitations to the “show” on the 4chan & 8chan forums. And perhaps the most mind-boggling, blood-curdling part of the “performance” was the cool-headed irony of the jokes he cracked to his chat-buddies while perpetrating the deed.

In a matrix-world ever salivating for a new kind of spectacle, the shooter upped the ante of innovation beyond anything Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg had ever done, or even 21st Century Fox. The mascot of the new millennium may now be the well-armed lone wolf.

The shooter’s name was Brenton Tarrant, and he was captured alive in the course of a less-successful assault on a second mosque. As the media exploded with the news, still another new twist was discovered: he had prefaced his act by posting a manifesto online. It exceeded the expectations of anyone familiar with the public “suicide notes” by past killers, usually rambling psychotic diatribes. By contrast, Tarrant’s document is a literate, politically-savvy treatise complete with a well-rendered cover image and links for more information. It stacks up well against an historical precedent: the Unabomber Manifesto by Theodore Kaczynski, upgraded for the Internet era.

Here’s an evaluation of Tarrant’s ‘op’ by a man qualified to make one, a pro-white veteran of armed combat: Apocalypse Livestream. It includes his take on the shooter’s moral rationale, and a link to another post analyzing the effectiveness of the event as 4th generation warfare.

The further reaches of the white right featured a broad range of reactions: those still hoping for mainstream leverage slapped their collective head and moaned, “Oh no, the worst possible optics! There goes our cred!” Conspiratologists justifiably wondered if bigger anti-white players were behind the attack, with Tarrant as a patsy. The lunatic fringe popped it into their biscuit-pan framing all mass-mayhem events from hurricanes to bombings to shootings as staged spectacles with actors playing the victims, fake bodies, and gallons of pig’s-blood. Others wondered at the lack of blood and gore in the piles of bodies, noted the uncanny resemblance of the video clip to a first-person shooter game, and concluded that it was perpetrated strictly in cyberspace and not IRL at all.

The Daily Stormer presented a more comprehensive analysis, couched in its usual ironic mockery of all decent values and human feeling: though the event was totally real it was a “hilarious prank” and we could chortle in sadistic glee at the demise of so many subhuman enemies. But the main point was headlined as Brenton Tarrant was a Uniformed Partisan Fighting an Occupying Force. Andrew Anglin went on to give the bullet-points proving that Tarrant qualifies as a legal soldier-partisan under international law, rather than a terrorist who deserves execution. But his pragmatically accurate conclusion was that for such a judgement to prevail the partisans have to win the war. Otherwise Tarrant will be lynched by a kangaroo court and the occupying force will proceed with its agenda of white genocide.

The reaction to the shooting by the media and the world in general was highlighted by discordant strains and undertones in the outpouring of sympathy for the dead Muslims. The female Prime Minister of New Zealand donned a headscarf to add credence to her crocodile tears and uptick her political equity as she ranted about white racism and terrorism. This did not play well in Europe where Islam has become hugely unpopular despite the efforts of the liberal media to keep a lid on outrages perpetrated by immigrants. None of this was too far out of the ordinary for the aftermath of a mass shooting, but other events cracked open the pattern.

Tarrant’s manifesto is titled The Great Replacement, viz. the implacable demographic trend which is a rallying cry for the white right and the abysmal fear in the collective psyche of the rest of the white population that the future will have no place for their children. In the first half of the document he speaks very personally, explaining his motives, beliefs, and aims. Then he upshifts dramatically and speaks with the voice of the race itself, or perhaps its soul, dictating the desperate actions that must be taken to defend itself against genocide and avert extinction. In this vox populi Tarrant addresses other collective groups, including the Turks, whom he warns of an invasion of Constantinople (aka Istanbul) by a new wave of white crusaders who will burn the mosques and reclaim the city for European Christendom. In the next section he provides white partisans with a hit-list of top-tier enemies to assassinate, one of whom is Recep Erdogan, the President of Turkey.

There are plenty of precedents for “nut-killers” making threats against prominent figures, which are routinely laughed off or go unnoticed. But this time the target took offense and angrily rebutted the killer, thus symbolically raising him to the pedestal of a peer. Surely a lot of jaws dropped and heads shook in disbelief in the elite circle of world leaders as Erdogan rebuked the nations of Australia as well as New Zealand for Tarrant’s bluster, reminding them of how “your grandparents came here [in a World War I campaign] and then returned in caskets [defeated by the Turks at Gallipoli].” He went on to bombastically frame the struggle in world-historic terms: “We have been here for a thousand years” [since the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks], and will be here until the Apocalypse, God willing.” And (God be praised!) the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, picked up his own sabre and rattled it back at Erdogan, saying that Australians were highly offended by his “reckless” speech. The MSM were forced into damage-control mode, so it was left to the Daily Stormer to point out that the world had tipped into serious conflict, which the Muslims rightly call Jihad and the whites RaHoWa: racial holy war.

8. Overlords and Underlings

6 thoughts on “Apocalypse Trigger

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  2. Excellent analysis. As it stands we have no future for ourselves or our children. Brexit and Trump put the nail in the coffin of a political solution for any honest, thinking person; there’s increasingly nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’ve heard plenty of criticisms of BT but no viable alternatives. If you’re in a war where a treasonous/alien technological system wants to exterminate you whatever happens and you renounce violence as a tactic, you may as well wave the white flag. He proved that one man can have a massively disproportionate impact on world politics. If one competent man who’s willing to do whatever it takes can send shockwaves, what about 10, 100 or 1000? Many WN’s are worried about legal/social/economic penalties for telling the truth here but they are going to die as surely as BT is; the difference is they will die without honour after an extended period of depression.

    • Thanks for the fine comment! A bit of consolation for the blog getting blocked from Faceberg.

      I’ve been working on an alternative for a long time, specifically a white alt-community. Variation of an old acronym: OTION: our tribe is our nation. I was planning it for the next chapter but had to postpone for Brenton. Here’s the text I deleted from the end of chapter 6:

      Whites who love their race must seek a new homeland, including Europeans if they can see through a glass that’s slightly darker. And now we’ll chart the course to our new frontier, which lies beyond the stifling confines of the global village. No, we don’t plan a trek into outer space, but rather a quick jaunt through time: the length of one generation, which in the saecular cycle is a mere twenty years.

      There’ll be no letter left in the alphabet for the convenient labeling of the children of Gen Z, which is part of the reason why I’ve reverted to math and call them the Nth Generation. And because we’ve charted their predecessors through the centuries, we know that they will be prophets and revolutionaries ~ harbingers of a New Aeon and perhaps its founders. In chapter 7 I’ll try a bit of prophecy myself and will foretell what will happen…

      When the White Prophets Come

      • I’ve read through your series on the fourth turning: fascinating stuff. The formation of autonomous European communities is a very important goal. At this time even cells can accomplish much and are not hard to form. I await your next chapter with anticipation.

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