Stampeding the Herd


Instant recap: The corona “pandemic” is a false crisis manufactured by shadowy elites for their own ends. The globalist Event 201 in October 2019 shows that Bill Gates and his clique had foreknowledge of the crisis, and probably a heavy hand in precipitating it. Earlier evidence shows that such mass scare tactics have long been planned as a tool for totalitarian control.

2. Stampeding the Herd

The script of the fictional corona crisis is like that of a well-plotted movie: it creates a mythic reality in the collective mind, gripping the gut by the device of verisimilitude: it seems to be true, though it’s not. Since the theatre that’s screening the feature is the real world, the crisis is taking place in a literal Matrix: the masses are trapped in a programmed illusion.

It’s not surprising that the highest echelons of the medical establishment collaborated on the agenda and set protocols which have resulted in vastly inflated figures for sickness and death caused by Covid-19. The disturbing thing is that supposedly ethical health-care professionals all the way down the ladder have capitulated to the murky directives and falsified or “fudged” reports accordingly, so that “cause of death by coronavirus” ignores extenuating factors in millions of cases, and is sometimes completely untrue.

The original subterfuge was to present Covid-19 as something other than a seasonal variation of influenza, which is exactly what it is. Coronaviruses have been around a long time, but the term was parlayed in a way that made it seem new. Likewise, the word “novel” is a technical term applicable to many viruses, but used by the media to frighten people into thinking Covid-19 is unprecedented, a strange new boogeyman.

Crusaders against the global hoax have managed to convey all this information to plenty of people, so the perpetrators need the hyped-up casualty count to claim that Covid-19 is “deadlier than the flu”. In actual fact, it’s one of the least deadly strains of it to come along in years.

But if the epidemic really was as serious as it’s hyped, would it then be a wise strategy to shut down society to prevent its spread? Even many believers in the myth think the answer is no, that the cure is worse than the disease. But the truth unveils the bad dream to be a ghastly nightmare: the lockdown, and all the dystopian protocols it enforces, actually help to spread the virus, increase the contagion, make people sicker, and raise the real body count.

The myth-masters bomb the public mind with neurotoxins spewed from jabbering mouthpieces decked out with all the credentials of expertise. In the U.S. the preponderant talking head is Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has infested the Federal featherbed for half a century. All dissenting voices are censored as coming from kooks, quacks, and radicals, but let’s peel off a layer of the Matrix and see who’s saying what in the real world.

First and possibly foremost there is Dr. Knut Wittkowski, who has had a long and distinguished career as an epidemiologist. His special expertise is in modeling epidemics, from which he has derived conclusive evidence that the best collective cure for virulent diseases is herd immunity. We’ll let Dr. Wittkowski explain it by quoting and paraphrasing his own remarks, which can be found in full in his interview by the American Institute for Economic Research. The video was removed from YouTube but is fortunately still available on this webpage.

Viruses come and go each year, disappearing only after about 80% of the population self-inoculates by actually catching the virus. This is known as herd immunity. Most carriers will never have disease symptoms and never even know they had “the bug”. The policy of “social distancing” prevents the necessary and desirable rapid spread of the virus for herd immunity. Children especially need to be in school spreading the virus among themselves as it is generally harmless for those with healthy immune systems.

“Flattening the curve” represents a prolonging of the virus life cycle. A rapid spike followed by a rapid plunge is preferable. Going OUTSIDE, not “sheltering in place” prevents/kills respiratory viruses. Having so many people locked in their homes will actually keep the virus alive. The related policies of “social distancing” and “sheltering in place” could lead to a second wave of infection when we do go back to work and school because the nature-mandated herd immunity was never achieved.

The testing of asymptomatic people is a waste of time and money.

Had it not been for media hype, no one would have noticed anything different this year.

Dr. Wittkowski has been angered and frustrated by the unfolding public Covid campaign because it contradicts everything he’s learned from his research. At the end of the video he says that “people are more docile than they should be” in accepting the protocols, and if they “don’t stand up for their rights, their rights will be forgotten”.

Sweden was one of the few Western countries that stood up for its rights and refused to impose a lockdown. This approach was completely successful, and in mid-April the head of Sweden’s anti-virus program, Dr. Anders Tegnell, announced that the country would soon achieve herd immunity.

A couple of weeks later, Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, who operate a private clinic at the forefront of the Covid response in Kern County, California, held a press conference in which they debunked the lockdown program point by point. Many of their assertions echoed Dr. Wittkowski. They said:

We have never quarantined the healthy, the basic concept makes no sense. We are supposed to quarantine the sick. Going outside is healthy.

This virus is not different from the flu, and should be treated like the flu. People with symptoms and people with high risk should stay home, everyone else should be allowed to live their lives normally. There was a 0.13 chance of death from the flu in 2017, compared to a 0.03% chance of dying from COVID-19.

Doctors are being pressured to add “Covid” to death reports. 90% of the people reported to have died from it actually died with co-morbidity (other contributing factors).

The lockdown stifles the natural process by which epidemics die out: the virus mutates and becomes less virulent, then many people catch the weaker strains which immunize them without ever being sick. Healthy people wearing masks and gloves further retards this process and also reduces their bacterial flora, the “good bugs” that strengthen the immune system. The net result of the lockdown protocols is that in the aftermath of the epidemic people will be more vulnerable not only to mutated strains of Covid-19 but to opportunistic infections of other illnesses due to weakened immune systems.

We’ll add a vital piece of information known to all wise doctors as well as immunologists who aren’t trying to inflate their profit margin: vaccination for any virus interferes with the body’s natural ability to develop immunity to the next mutation of it. This makes it painfully clear that mass marketing vaccines on a global scale will cause a Darwinian drop in the human species’ fitness for survival.

3. The Hidden Agenda of the Agents of Chaos

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