The Hidden Agenda of the Agents of Chaos


Instant recap: The Corona plandemic is a stratagem by the ruling elite to create mass hysteria which it can leverage into a global totalitarian state. In one secret document the plan was referred to as “Operation Lock-Step”.

3. The Hidden Agenda of the Agents of Chaos

Phase two of Operation Lock-Step kicked in when protests by blacks against police turned violent and escalated into full-blown rioting across the USA. The National Guard was deployed in some states, but neither they nor the police were able to stop the mayhem, largely on account of stand-down orders issued by liberal governors and local bureaucrats.

Such insurrectionary campaigns are routinely funded by George Soros and his globalist cabal, and the “Black Lives Matter” chaos was no exception. It was a direct tactic in the larger plandemic agenda, for the riots instantly squelched the mounting street protests against the Covid shutdown. There was a further “fringe benefit” in that businesses already crippled by the shutdown had their buildings burned and stock looted, plunging them into bankruptcy and snowballing the economy toward depression. This aligns with a well-founded “conspiracy theory” that the globalists planned to deliberately crash the financial market in order to oust a Republican President, as they did in 2007-’08 to get rid of Bush. But Trump out-maneuvered them by taking control of the Federal Reserve, so they upped the ante and rolled out the plandemic, exactly as predicted by their doctor-boy Anthony Fauci shortly after Trump’s election in 2016. This vaster strategy yields bigger dividends, rattling the thrones of Vladimir Putin and other right-wing czars.

The BLM buffoonery took a bizarre twist when the globo-agents directing the action (including antifa & anarchists) resurrected a strategy from protests by black football players: police and soldiers on the front lines of the confrontation were manipulated into “taking the knee” ~ actually kneeling down before the mob, a ritual gesture of submission and abasement. It was just a few officers at first, but the press quickly parleyed it into a mandatory religious rite in which dissenters would be excommunicated from social discourse or effectively burned at the stake.

The monolithic support of the MSM for the BLM hit a new plateau when the anarcho-nihilist demand to “abolish the police” was not only taken seriously by the press but promoted with orgasmic enthusiasm. This emboldened liberal lawmakers (many of them female, i.e. feminist) to drastically defund and unman their police forces and scale back their operations. Some jurisdictions announced plans to replace police with unarmed social workers in many situations. If they’re called to the scene of a violent crime in progress, perhaps they’ll try to persuade the perps to lay down their arms and surrender for the sake of brotherly love!

The hard realities behind such Marxoid smokescreens were exposed when the next great social experiment was inaugurated in a chic, artsy neighborhood in downtown Seattle, ironically named “Capitol Hill”. Faced with nightly assaults by a camp of anarchists and BLM thugs, and under the thumb of far-left females as mayor and governor, the police precinct literally surrendered to the enemy and pulled out, abandoning their station house. The exultant reds and blacks barricaded the streets and declared their turf to be the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). While the high-end white naifs acted out their anarcho-fantasies, the black comrade who ranked at the top of the pack elected himself Warlord of CHAZ and announced that his niggas would keep order by the down-an’-dirty gangsta-bangin’ they learned in their low-end hoods.

The rightwing response to this mind-bending series of events has been understandably confused and discordant. Even pro-white pundits with a good track record for analyzing trends and giving us the big picture have seen their predictions blown apart week by week. Back on May 18th Andrew Anglin announced that the Daily Stormer would seismically shift its core focus from “the racist stuff” to “coronavirus hoax coverage”. He noted that with a few major exceptions, the whole right wing was “enforcing (and) promoting the hoax”. He correctly asserted that the plandemic “is going to fundamentally change the entirety of society…. The hoax is not going away, and we are never going back to normal”. So in order to get the message to a broader audience, he was making the Stormer more family-friendly, “cutting out racial slurs” and talking about Jews “in a way that doesn’t immediately trigger people”.

Little more than a week later racial pandemonium broke loose and shoved coronavirus coverage to the bottom of the charts, from the MSM to the furry fringe. Anglin was forced to backpedal, and the Stormer provided the usual amusingly insightful take on key episodes of the BLM boogaloo. He still gives plenty of space to the Covid hoax, but as of this writing he doesn’t seem to have worked out the connection beyond the obvious fact that both phenomena are tactics in a “one world government agenda”. And he’s definitely hip to the apocalyptic aspect of it, for the Stormer featured a new banner, ironically retitling it The End Times Tribune.

A key piece of the jigsaw plot popped out of the box on June 14th: the mayor of Boston declared racism to be a public health crisis. There was little of substance in his speech; he was just another liberal puppet spouting a copypasta of trending catchphrases. But we know that the puppeteers were rubbing their hands and licking their chops, and will be prepared to up the ante on Mayor Walsh’s program on a broad scale at the right moment.

Thousands of people have already lost their jobs or had their programs defunded simply for refusing to take the knee to the Floydian dogma, or for having the guts to call a spade a spade. Police unions spoke out against cop defamation early in the game, but the latest scoop is that they have now called for a rigorous program to “root out racist individuals” from their ranks. If a cop is flagged as a “racist” he may be given a chance to stay on the force by submitting to a re-education program, à la Maoist China; but if he’s adjudged hardcore he’s instantly out on his ear, and put on a blacklist so that he can never be a cop again anywhere.

The first phase of the Covid operation established a new iron-fisted power-level for the GloboLords, overriding all constitutional and parliamentary foundations for individual freedom. All right-wingers who are also grounded in pro-white politics know that for all the diversity of cliques, ethnicities, and interests in the shadowy instrumentality driving for planetary power, the hard core of it is Jewish. And the cabal of Jewish power-players has the very specific goal of destroying the white race, which it views as the biggest obstacle to its scriptural goal of world domination. Acceptance of this truth is the key to a clear understanding of why the BLM riots were the next phase of the same op. Now that the cabal has finally achieved dictatorial power, the obvious next step was to use it to strike at its blood enemy, the target of its hatred for 2000 years.

Caricature of Baron Rothschild, late 19th century

In chapter 2 we quoted medical experts who oppose the Covid hoax. They all agree that the protocols that are supposed to stop the pandemic will actually intensify it and guarantee a second wave of cases. This is the planned phase three of the op: another massive lockdown, this time with aggressive intervention into people’s private lives. A bizarre procedure called “contact tracing” is straight out of Orwell, updated with the kind of high tech that “Big Brother” could only dream of. If you weren’t paying attention, the “Mark of the Beast” is already on your iPhone: a contact-tracing app packed in with the last update. There is now a silicon trail of everyone you came in contact with since then, except people who are too “dumb” to have a smartphone.

In case too many people wise up and get rid of their phones, or at least debug them, the next protocol is already in high gear: home-arrest-style tracking bracelets. The sheeple who think Big Doctor has their best interests at heart will snap them on voluntarily, but stubborn dissenters may not get that choice ~ after all, it would endanger public health!

With a global government quickly coagulating around the crisis it created for this purpose, and a massive electronic matrix tracking virtually everybody on Earth, imagine what will happen in the next lockdown. Imagine an army of agents calling on millions of people whom they found to be “infected” with the “disease” of “racism”. Obviously they must all be hauled off to quarantine centers (concentration camps) to protect the public health. Once all these sick racists and neo-nazis are locked up in conveniently located compounds, the BLM stalwarts surely wouldn’t waste any time in staging “protests” and burning them down. And the elders of a certain tribe will be rubbing their hands in revengeful glory at this new white holocaust ~ of which the literal meaning in their creed is “a burnt offering to the Lord”.

Only by grasping the reality of this horror-plot ~ or even its probability ~ can we gird ourselves for an effective defense and counterploy. Here’s our own strategy for a

Plandemic Resistance Network

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