The Path of the White Spirit

Life is our greatest blessing and biggest challenge. The path of a person’s life leads inevitably to death, but the life force within us drives us to find a way to keep going after the body stops. Its primal form is the mating drive, assuring continuity of our genome in the children we produce. But the very source of life is Spirit, which is immortal in itself; thus a higher expression of the drive for enduring life is to enhance our Spirit, to follow a spiritual path.

In light of the challenges we face as a people, this may seem like a selfish quest ~ and many historical paths were indeed self-centered, culminating in the outright narcissism of the New Age. But the path we offer breaks out of this trap: it serves the race, and cultivates individual development not to escape responsibility to the collective, but to enhance its fulfillment.

Spiritual teachers and religious guides lead many souls to Spirit by many paths. But our special mission is to awaken our kindred to Spirit in the unique form it takes in people of the white race. You may be familiar with the concept of a racial soul or collective unconscious, but the Spirit we speak of is greater than this ~ in fact it’s the infinite consciousness that created the cosmos and inspirits all sentient beings. And there is a special fount of this Supernal Force that flows exclusively through the generations of the white racial lineage. We call it the Geist, a name resonant with superhuman implications. Or we can simply refer to it as the

White Spirit

If you click that link, it will be your first step on the path of the White Spirit.

If you’d like to take a look at further steps, here’s a post with a hands-on POV:

Spiritual Practice ~ Mine, Thine, and Ours

And if you’re interested in the broader context of spiritual realties, you can delve into it here:

The Spirit in Our Midst

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3 thoughts on “The Path of the White Spirit

  1. It’s weird that many NS people think trump is some kind of a saviour, Trump is a Zionist puppet who doesn’t give a damn about white people, he is a ‘controlled opposition’ put there to play his role. Unfortunately, many naive people are easily manipulated and easily fall for these kinds of obvious psyops.

    • Thanks for your comment. The thing about the Trump issue is that it’s absolutely and permanently moot. It became so on January 7th when he cucked out and gave up his last chance of holding onto power. IMO any further debate within the white right about Trump or any other mainstream politician is self-defeating & divisive. No more brother wars!

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