The Family of the Ram

The Kin of Aries is a spiritual-racial-political group founded in May 2000 when the planets aligned in the sign that gave us our name. We affirm our white identity, oppose the forces that threaten white survival, and are building a community that can survive and flourish in the most challenging times.

Our worldview encompasses the traditions and religions of all the white peoples throughout history, but transcends their dogmatic beliefs. The two figures on white horses in the banner at the top of the page are a perfect example. On the left is Kalki the Avenger, the endtime Avatar (Son of God) foretold in Aryovedic scriptures. On the right is the warrior-Christ depicted in the Book of Revelation. The two sets of prophecies from East and West are so strikingly similar that any clear-minded person can see that they speak of the same being. We identify him as a new White Avatar, heralded to come into the world at its hour of greatest peril. That hour is upon us, and we’re certain that the Avatar has arrived. This is because we’ve been in touch with his Spirit from the beginning. We called it RAMASPIRIT, and it bonded us into a family.

Here’s a video that unveils the high magic that called down the One from Above at the cosmically-destined moment of truth:

White Avatar

It reveals that the name of the Avatar is RAMAR, and through the combined magic of spiritual resonance and technology, he appears in videos that you can find in our

Ramar’s message is also unfolding in text. Here’s the heart of it, an open secret by which you personally can begin to attain deliverance right now:

White Spirit

It’s part of a larger spiritual path carved out specifically for white people:

The Path of the White Spirit.

Members of the Kin of Aries perceive the metaphysical dimensions of the cosmos:


Thus we know that the white race had a spiritual origin:

The Fall Through the Yugas

We have a critical analysis of the spiritual-religious-occult beliefs of the white right:

Spirit of Darkness, Lord of Light

And be sure to check out our flagship website:

Please feel free to get in touch:

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