Back to a White Future

White Survival Network

     Instant recap: Whites are fleeing the urban matrix and settling in areas they hope will be more secure from the wrath to come. But we need a network of such like-minded people for mutual defense, assistance, and community.

2. Back to a White Future

     The situation on the white frontier has gone through a major change since chapter one was written. At that stage it was mainly an exodus from one middle-class niche to another, metropolitan to rural, families selling their houses and buying new ones, perhaps with a bigger lawn and nearby woods. But now a more rugged breed has entered the picture, whites from all social classes intent on consolidating their resources and buying tracts of land large enough for farming and adaptable to self-defense. Of course there was always a strain of such folk, notably the survivalist movement that sprang up in the 1970s and flourished out of the public eye ever since. But the new wave is much bigger and motivated by more urgent concerns.

     I know of an upper-class family with racial consciousness who pulled out of the wealthy high end of Manhattan and moved to a large spread they purchased in the backwoods. They invited white married couples to come and build on their land and raise their children on turf they hope will be an outpost of a new white nation. What an excellent example this is, but of course few pioneers have the resources to emulate it. I note that it’s part of a larger trend of people forsaking the comforts of “normal” life to learn the hardier ways of their ancestors. And the broad demographic they all hail from is the top half of the class spectrum.

In striking contrast, a new vanguard has arisen from the murky depths beneath that invisible line which slashes straight across the waist of the social body. The mighty convoy of Canadian truckers protesting the tyrannical Covid restrictions is a perfect metaphor of the trend. Imagine a similar mobilization of determined folk, driving their trailers out of the parks and into the wilderness, or even turning their truck containers into hand-crafted housing! This is the formidable movement that’s been launched, and is carefully flying below the radar of the matrix and its overlords.

     A renegade community of working-class people from the various trades has many advantages over their higher-end kindred ~ e.g. building a real house does not mean hiring a construction firm but doing it with your own hands and a little help from your friends. This is how the Amish have done it for centuries, as did the pioneers of the Old West. Ideally the new settlements will be an invigorating mix from many social tiers, but as in all societies, the foundational layer consists of those who are adept at mundane physical tasks and the practical realities of life.

     Such people are also more likely to have the martial experience that will be direly needed as the political situation ripens. Many are veterans of military service, or of the private wars that are eternally waged in the shadows of public life. When the shift comes down and the ship hits the sand, the odds for collective survival will be qualitatively enhanced by individuals who already know what it means to kill or be killed.

     The overriding priority among the new wave of white émigrés is to consolidate their resources and buy land. 100 acres is an ideal optimum, but many are willing to settle for smaller tracts. Unfortunately the great urban outmigration has inflated prices in many of the best locations, but our hearty folk are undaunted by this challenge. Many of them expect the real estate market to crash in the general economic blowout foretold by those who track the perfidious agenda of the Globomasters. Regardless of what may come, however, the spontaneous survival movement is chugging along full steam.

     I perceive the outlines of a grand enterprise in this heartening trend. People who have ploughed all their capital into plots of land will need some extra labor to develop it. What better source could there be but the huge pool of good white folks yearning to break out of the matrix? If only there were a place they could flee to, they’d be willing to lend their hands and hearts to the tasks that were asked of them.

          Our White Survival Network can connect new landowners with potential settlers, and bring together all manner of people with compatible resources for their mutual benefit. If someone has ABC, someone else can supply XYZ, until the whole alphabetic landscape falls into place.

     Such a settlement has the potential to become a real community. It may grow to the size of a village, if the landowner invested in people paying rent to live on his acreage, in anything from RVs & campers to customized containers and Quonset huts, even temporarily in tents. The common cause is survival in face of the adversary’s endgame, and fulfilling the Fourteen Words. This can fuel a kindred spirit strong enough to weather the internal challenges generated by communitarian living. Another essential factor is strong leadership, and we can hope that the right man for the job will emerge from the mix in each case. The whole movement is fueled by strong-willed men, so the odds will be in our favor.

     Let’s start off by creating a virtual bulletin board. It doesn’t have to be the only one, but it can be the first. Ideally the network will consist of lots of them, decentralized and interconnected. Perhaps they already exist, and if you know of one, please fill us in. People can post brief notices similar to classified ads. You can state what you need and/or what you have to offer, giving a general location if relevant. Only pseudonyms & virtual addresses should be used in public discourse; we learned the lesson from the days of the Alt-Right, when groups that were foolish enough to keep lists of real names & addresses met with collective disaster.

     If you’re interested you can send an email to the address below, spelling out the kind of notice you’d like to place on such a board. When we get a sufficient handful we can set it up on our blog, and/or a white-friendly social site like Gab or Telegram. Step by step we can rebuild our future!

And here’s the next installment of this essay:

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3 thoughts on “Back to a White Future

  1. Hello, would like to meet – coordinate with Luke minded folks prepping for what appears to be the impending problems .

    • Hi Ron, thanks for your response!

      It’s unwise to discuss it in a public format like this, but I invite you to contact me at my email address below. Feel free to say more about what you’re looking for and any relevant info about your situation.

      Best wishes,

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