Shared White Housing

White people are no longer welcome in major sectors of mainstream society, and many are fleeing to areas that are still white-friendly and better suited to long-term survival. Millions, however, have been left behind, due to lack of sufficient financial or other resources. Compounding the challenge is that many of these people are isolated, with no pro-white friends or neighbors. Of course we all find kindred souls on the internet, and this points the way to a solution.

Many people in all walks of life, and all across the income spectrum, live in shared housing. They include well-paid young professionals sharing apartments in cities with astronomical rent prices, like San Francisco and Manhattan; the iconic “starving artists” and literati cohabiting in lofts and converted warehouses; middle-class couples in “empty nests” who rent their children’s old rooms; and countless households comprised of friends rather than families.

People with common interests and outlooks will obviously be more congenial housemates, and such factors are usually considered when seeking them out. My proposal is to create shared housing on the common ground of white racial affirmation. The other compatibility factors also have to be vetted for, but if everyone under the roof is pro-white, there’ll be a hard core of solidarity.

We can imagine the various resources that people might bring to the project. The minimum requirement would be an income sufficient to pay one’s share of the rent or mortgage. If someone owns a house, they might be willing to take on some pro-white boarders. If someone owns land, perhaps they could welcome some settlers, as we talked about in Back to a White Future. If someone’s occupation allows them to move without financial disruption, that would be a big plus.

If you like the idea, you can respond to the email address below. If you found this link on social media, you could comment on the post there. You can also comment directly on this post here on our blog; be sure to click the option for email notices of replies.

In this way, a discreet network of people can grow around the idea, and practical steps can be taken at the right moment. People who are seriously interested can become acquainted by phone, including video calls. If a close enough circle of friends was formed, the implementation of a shared household could begin by means of some sort of mutual financial commitment, small at first, on the concept of a security deposit.

Right now it’s all just speculation, but there it is. Feel free to get in touch!

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