Alpha, Omega, and You

How Enlightened White Chads Will Restore Male Supremacy So All Good Men Can Get Women

by Vincent Vidi Vici (aka White Spirit)

1. A Female Top Dog is the Biggest Bitch

The harder the enemy cracks down on the white community, the stronger we get and the more we spread out & propagate under the crust. We also tap deeper into our roots, and we need to keep digging till we hit the primal level. Some of us already have, and we’re the only ones qualified to deliver the scoop on a vital subject that befuddles the rest of you good folks and splits the kindred right down the seams. I only spout dirty words when I have to, and judging by the general gist this is the big one: SEX.

The good news is there’s lots more women in the white right than when I came of age in it in the 1990s, but the bad news is that most of the men ain’t got a clue of what to do with ’em! And really this hasn’t changed since back when my mentor Doc Pierce told me that feminism was just a sub-plot of the Jewish master plan, like to soften us up and make sure the chosen chads got all the shiksas when they took over the world. So none of the pro-white pundits could make head nor tail of it when the unholy whores started breakin’ all the high-rollin’ balls and even the kosher Hollywood peckers as they screeched “#Meeeeeeetooooooo!” So now you’re hearing it here first: the whole Metoo cuckfuck was the actual tipping-point when the secret cabal of female power-wangers got the edge on the Jewish one. The days are numbered for George Soros and Baron Rothschild as top cocks in the global pecking-order ~ they’re gonna have to get on their knees and suck some cankerous cunts just to stay in the game!

Borg Queen Meme

What’s at stake in the game is whether the world is ruled by men or by women, and everything else sits on this bottom line, including the heaviest racial realities. And this is the POV we have to use to sort out all the static between our white brothers and sisters.

Among my own kindred we’ve honed it down to a touchstone, a core concept, and ask whether or not they’re in favor of male dominion, and live up to it IRL. Of course for us it’s white male dominion, but on this issue race is the second line up from the bottom, the asphalt we pour on the bedrock of sex to lay down our highway to a white millennium.

In most of the world today female dominion prevails, with lopsided laws giving total power to women in all their relations with men. Offended female feelings can get boys expelled from school and men sent to prison. Adult relationships in or out of marriage are ruled by the woman’s ability to destroy a man’s life out of vengeance or anger or plain petty spite. If a harried man resorts to the traditional method of using his physical strength to balance things out, the woman can literally murder him and get acquitted on the grounds that he “battered” her. And marriage is now the worst trap of all for a man because his wife can not only desert him on the slightest whim but take all of his stuff with her, including any kids he fathered by her (or thought he did). This “normal” situation in mainstream society makes every woman a dominatrix even though the whips, chains, and black leather boots are optional. And this is the larger matrix in which the white racial movement exists.

A lot of the women who link up with the white right are sick of this deal ~ they’re not that kind of women. They’d rather go back to their traditional role of being God’s gift to men and real mothers to their children. Halleluyah, this is great news, and I give my heartiest good wishes to these wonderful ladies! But the trad movement is just a small part of the white right, and makes static with other parts, especially the one that may be the biggest: men who are unable or unwilling to secure a mate ~ or even a date ~ from amongst the females who hold dominion in the matrix.


This blowout is even bigger in the mainstream: millions of men are out in the cold, a null-zone stripped of romantic or erotic relationships or even female companionship. Most of them are pretty miserable about being “involuntary celibates” as they call it, incels for short. Some of them decided to make the best of a bad deal and claim it’s voluntary ~ they’ll “go their own way” through a womanless life even though they’re hetero, and presumably healthy.

This is a disaster for any society but especially a white one. To make things worse, the usual suspects have branded these dudes as “male supremacists” who are almost as big a threat to the world order as “white racists”. Maybe the only way to rebut these propaganda fantasies is to make ’em come true! Wouldn’t that be a supreme irony? What if we have a league of men who go our way and take the women with us ~ by any means necessary? Stay tuned!

2. Second-Hand Pussy Beats One-Hand Fap


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