The Kin of Aries is a community dedicated to manifesting the pure white light of Spirit in people with pure white physical bodies.

In the most exalted realm of Spirit, all are One. Direct experience of this Supernal Oneness generates a sense of compassionate benevolence toward all humans and other sentient beings. This is called Caritas, the highest form of love.

At the opposite pole of the human experience, racial identity unites people by the bond of blood. A tightly-knit racial group shares the love of family among all its members; this is called Philia, the deepest form of love.

These poles of love are properly complements: enlightened white individuals have philial feelings exclusively for their racial kindred, and this does not diminish their Caritas for all humanity. Nevertheless, the fusion of Supernal enlightenment and racial awareness is a rare phenomenon in today’s world. This is because otherwise enlightened liberals think that white self-affirmation is a type of avidya (spiritual ignorance) called “racism”; and for their part, most white racialists deny the reality of Supernal Oneness because they believe it equates with the political doctrine of universalism, which seeks to erase all ethnic and cultural distinctions in a New World Order.

The exceptional individuals who attain white enlightenment usually find themselves in a lonely gulf between these conflicting worldviews. But a collective awakening began with an epochal event at the turn of the millennium: the white racial soul was reborn in the sign of Aries, and baptized by Supernal Spirit.

Only a handful of white people so far have tapped into their new potential and aligned themselves with RamaSpirit. We invite others to undergo this initiation and thereby become members of the family of the Ram ~ the Kin of Aries.

White Spirit w-text

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  2. Positively brilliant! This is the spirituality that White people have needed and longed for! This is the sort of perspective that Commander George Lincoln Rockwell was searching for as a compliment to his practical political work as a National Socialist!

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