White Sharia and Male Dominion


7. White Sharia and Male Dominion

White men are losing control over our own women!”

~ William Pierce, 1987

It’s been a long thirty years since Dr. Pierce made that observation, and the trend accelerated so dramatically that it was as if the poles of the Earth suddenly shifted or Mars and Venus switched orbits, uprooting continents from their foundations and casting mountains into the sea. So there came a generation with no inkling that men should have power over women, for the social, cultural, and legal reality was that women had total sexual control over men. It wasn’t surprising, then, that when a cohort of young white men awakened to the fact that this is not how things should be, they decided that drastic measures were needed to fix the problem.

In the midst of a physically violent culture war raging in Europe against Muslim invaders, fueling nearly universal hatred of Islam by the white right, The Daily Stormer published a meme:

It triggered a huge reaction pro & con, like all the past material that has made the DS a household word across the political spectrum, but this time the biggest fracture was within the white right itself. Of all the items in the list sarcastically urging white men to imitate Jihadis only two involve sex and women, but this was the focus of the firestorm. A cybercult quickly evolved with a fantasy-doctrine of imposing sexual Sharia law on white women deemed thots: forcing them to wear burqas, change their slutty ways, and learn obedience to men, with the bottom line being physical coercion.

This development fueled such outrage that two warring camps formed on the issue. Many of the critics were men and women who embrace the concept of traditional gender roles, like the family having a male breadwinner with a wife who is a full-time homemaker and mother. For the majority it’s an ideal, but there is a swath of real-life practitioners who serve as role models for their kindred wannabes. Most of these folks didn’t see the point of replacing bikinis with burqas or promoting violence by white men against white women. Many females feared that they were the targets and took personal offense, asserting that the keyboard Jihadis had a plan to start acting out White Sharia in real life.

A lot is at stake in this in-house dispute among people of the white right, because it’s happening on the front lines of the sexual world war described in the previous chapters. The bottom line of the political-racial-spiritual apocalyptic conflict is sexual: the globalist-Zionist-financial world order is subsumed in a larger plot for female supremacy, embodied in the archetype of the Black Goddess Kali, ruler of the present degenerate Yuga. The only thing that can stop it is the arising of a new yang power in the world, an upsurge of masculine will and potency expansive enough to lift its head to the heights of heaven, fill the towering Form of Man, and face down Kali eye-to-eye. As shown in chapter two, only white men can do the job because male dominion is imprinted in our genome and collective soul, and the race will self-destruct if forced to exist much longer in the female-dominated matrix.The white right has long had an awareness of the slippery sexual sloping of society, but always as a secondary issue in the race war. The premise is that feminism is part of the larger Zionist plot, and it’s often pointed out that all the leading second-wave feminists of the 1960s were Jewish. The weakness of this perspective is illustrated by what happened after Pierce made the above remark. His National Vanguard had very few female members, and a couple of them publicly criticized him for it ~ they didn’t like the idea of being “controlled”. He didn’t retract it, but he didn’t pursue the issue any further, except for an occasional piece about the biology of gender differences.

There are lots more women in the white right today, a trend that began at the turn of the millennium and picked up steam in the 20-teens, online as well as IRL. This set the stage for the great rebranding as the Alt-Right during the Trump campaign, and a mass influx into our ranks. It’s noteworthy that the anti-White-Sharia faction rejects the Alt-Right brand and harks back to imagined better days before all these twentysomething trolls came along. I haven’t heard the other side rebooting the hippie mantra “don’t trust anyone over thirty,” and I think age differences between the contending camps are significant but not vital.

More crucial is what’s usually called the testosterone factor ~ though personally I prefer the four-letter word yang, which encompasses psychology and spirit as well as biology. Name-calling against White Sharia centers on the insinuation that these dudes are gender-bent “betas”, i.e. that they’re low yang. But this is clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle cucked, since most of the triggered critics are unmated males with a less than alpha quantum of yang themselves.

Now what about nice settled married couples, trying to raise their kids in a pro-white traditional way? We’d expect them to be against White Sharia for the very reason that they’re forced to compromise their ideals to ensure the survival of their family within the established order, which is not only anti-white but female supremacist. Don’t forget that the literal meaning of the word “matrix” is womb. If something rustles the domestic bliss, the wife can easily abort her husband in a very non-traditional way just by gushing her offended feelings at the nearest courthouse. And this is a major point of White Sharia, for many of the men who advocate it are unmated precisely because they know that the whole game is stacked against them in favor of any woman who comes their way.

Race realists have always had to be radicals, and to carry the day in this time of crisis we have to be revolutionaries. The second front is the white sexual revolution, and the masses who will rise up are les misérables sexuels, the whole generation of men deprived of their right to exercise their will to power over women.

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