Spirit of Darkness, Lord of Light

1. Godseye View

by Joseph Rex Kerrick

Creation consists of an eternal dyadic flow of opposing forces around a central immoveable, unchanging presence. The two powers comprise the most primordial distinction of positive and negative, light and dark, yang and yin. They are the halves of a whole whose fissioning gave birth to the cosmos.

The overwhelming majority of created beings are churned about in the flux, tossed from one of the two streams to the other, unable to control their movements or affect the currents in which they spin. These souls (as we may call them) are trapped in creation forever, dying and getting born over and over again. A small number of souls awaken to their situation, enabling them to take charge of themselves and plot their course.

As the awakened souls discover their inner compass, each of them gravitates into a niche in one stream or the other, and usually remains there a long time, perhaps permanently. Thus the stage is set for the eternal cosmic conflict between the partisans of the two sides, the warlords and foot-soldiers of light vs. the legions of darkness. To all who stake their lives and souls on the outcome, the line that divides them from their adversaries is absolute: it’s us vs. them with no common ground. They fight on the side of good vs. evil or God vs. the Devil; there’s no recourse, no quarter given, and no remorse for the slaughter or for the slain. Yet when the shadowside vanishes in victorious light, or the darkness swallows the last flickering spark, the glorious triumph is always short-lived. The eye in the core of the cosmos never blinks as the sphere surrounding it continues to spin, the vanquished enemy springs up again from chaos, and the neverending war goes on.

This is the background on the grandest scale of all that ever was, is, and ever shall be. Now let’s zoom in to a coordinate closer to home: our own little planet in the present moment of time, viewed from the vested interest of a particular group: the white race. The white population is shrinking, but the proportion of individuals awakening to their racial identity is rising, though still a minority of the minority. An even smaller minority comprises those awakened whites with the spiritual / occult / esoteric perspective needed to see the racial struggle in a context large enough to inform effective action.

At the end of World War II the occult legacy of the Third Reich was gathered up for future use by two men: Baron Julius Evola, an alumnus of the Ahnenerbe who had instructed the SS on esoteric matters, and Don Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat, author, and member of a secret order which supported Hitler before and after his death. Today their teachings have assumed mythic proportions in the culture of the white right, inspiring intellectual discussion, religious devotion, music, videos, essays, and even formal groups that claim to transmit secret doctrines. Sometimes the focus is solely on one man or the other, but often it melds their works into a fluid continuum of racial esoterica.

Let’s take a look at a well-crafted expression of this worldview by an individual steeped in the voluminous writings of Evola and Serrano, and who passionately adheres to them as the fabric of life.

2. Das Ewige Nein und Grossartige Nacht

(The Eternal No and the Great Night)

by Ella

A true traditionalist would never refer to God esoterically, and if he did it would be with dis-dain, for it is merely an externalized view of the true transcendent, which is not personal ~ it is beyond I and non-I. Christianity and Islam with their notion of “surrendering to God” are a lunar type of spirituality, which is a Semitic decadence; it is passive and feminine in nature and was unknown to the North. The true Aryan path is a solar spirituality which is active and masculine in nature. Here the man never surrenders to “God”, he CONQUERS God, he bursts through the transcendent without surrendering or asking. He does not reflect the light like the moon, but he is the light itself like the Sun, he incarnates transcendent powers and even subjects them to the power of his will, like a third power between heaven and hell that holds both gods and demons hostage. Moreover, Christianity is for a traditionalist a religion of slaves, bastards and whores. Some white Christians think that primitive Christianity was good and then it got bad because of the church, but for us it was the opposite: primitive Christianity was worthless and it got a little better because of the church, and all the hope in later centuries was that the Ghibelline imperial ideal, incarnated by the Holy Roman Empire, could beat the Vatican, because there was still an echo of solar power there. But all Abrahamic religions should be avoided. The sin was never to disobey God and take the forbidden fruit, but to have failed to successfully take the fruit and become “God”. Being a Luciferian this appeals to me, and as a woman I could never surrender to a lunar man, only to a solar man.

These ideals are described in Pagan Imperialism by the master of tradition, Julius Evola, and of course in his main work Revolt Against the Modern World. He renders belief in God as a plebeian view of the transcendent, not to be taken seriously by an esoteric elite preparing to take over the reins of society. Miguel Serrano goes further: he actually believes there is an evil entity that goes by the name of God. This is the Demiurge, the true creator of the universe, which therefore is a mere illusion, essentially bad in nature, and the real world is the Great Night or Chaos outside the creation. Serrano says we must defeat the Demiurge so that we can awaken in the Great Night.

Let me clarify that this does not mean I’m worshipping the devil or anything like that. Lucifer is not the devil, he is an angel or messenger sent by the unknowable world beyond creation to deliver us wisdom, which is symbolized by the serpent handing Eve the apple. The apple is like the Grail, the golden fruit of Hesperides. It is Sophia’s sacred knowledge to liberate you from the world created by her son, who is a kind of deformed entity responsible for the creation of the universe when Sophia fell from grace. Lucifer made the ultimate sacrifice for us: throwing himself down into the created universe to demonstrate it is possible to achieve liberation. This is what the original myth of Kristos and Wotan was derived from before it was profaned by the visible Judean “Jesus” Christ. When the Europeans reached America in the three ships, the whole world was waiting for liberation by Kristos Lucifer, but what came aboard was the falsehood of Christ Jesus bringing destruction.

In the Luciferian doctrine Venus is of the utmost importance, she hands the fruit of wisdom to the hero. It was through Venus that Lucifer entered this world; this is why the ancients said the morning aspect of Venus was Lucifer, the “morning star”. It is Venus, not the sun, that bursts forth and bring light first, therefore Venus/Lucifer heralds the day and not the sun. In the same way Venus also heralds the night. We are not followers of the visible sun, subject to laws of ascension and decline, but a sun of black invisible light that exists beyond the created universe. This is a legitimate, ancient, left-handed spiritual path; do not confound this with mere “devil-worshipping” or Faust selling his soul, or Evola’s Titans. No, this is a very ancient form of spirituality. You see, before the Olympian gods there were the Titans, and before the Titans, even before Gaia and Uranus, there was the Great Night, the mother-father of all that is, or the Egyptian goddess Nuit who can even eat the sun-god Ra at the end of creation.

As Buddha would say, the ultimate transcendence is extinction, neutralizing all your dharma and karma, cutting through all ties, getting out of the circle of reincarnation and exiting creation so that neither man or god can ever find you again. Not “reunion with God”, but overcoming God and jumping into the infinite despite all his threats. The original Hyperborea, true origin of the Aryans, is “further beyond the stars”, outside creation, in the uncreated light, absolutely free and unlimited. This earthly world is hostile for us and it only uses our creative spirit to “evolve” it, confusing our memories and deviating ourselves from our true nature. Therefore the Luciferian path is the Aryan path par excellence of supreme liberation, and more than being “white” or “non-white”, those who possess Lucifer are a race of the spirit in themselves, and this spirit is present mainly in the races of Nordic origin.

The Bhagavad Gita says that you should have love for everything and all creatures until you desire no more and take no joy in victory or sadness in defeat, and in this way you will achieve victory. The principle is right, but as a Luciferian spirit you cannot feel love but rather hatred towards all and everything, and hatred becomes indifference bringing about the same effect. Instead of surrendering to something we will subdue everyone and everything until we can be liberated in the final act. The purpose here is to control, dominate everything metaphysically, never accepting, for the Aryan never accepts any place, he is never content or satisfied, he never says “Yes”, he always says a big “No” to all and even to the celestial worlds and heavenly hierarchies. The true Aryan has no place in this creation, be it heaven or hell, and by rejecting all we never merge with God but transcend creation itself.

A correction here of a question that could arise: women will still surrender, because women cannot incarnate solar authority and therefore we must achieve transcendence through a man and love. The difference is in the husband’s attitude, he takes a different path from that of most external religions: he becomes Lucifer himself.

Evola wrote a whole book explaining Buddha’s doctrine from the original pali texts and the Aryan perspective, it’s called The Doctrine of Awakening. The Hindus didn’t like Buddha, they said he was dangerous and his extinction led to spiritual annihilation, so it seemed like an oriental version of Luciferianism, and in his day it was a subversion of the order. Both Evola and Serrano said the Brahmins are a usurping caste, and they support the supremacy of the Kshatriya caste, the warrior above the priest. Buddhism was designed to be an individual path of liberation to work within a decadent world. But to think Buddha was merely nihilistic is a mistake ~ the Void is not so nihilistic after all. He does not nihilistically die, but he breaks into the Real World. He does not achieve death, he achieves more-than-life. A lot of different sources attest to this: Greek Chaos and Night; Egyptian Nuit; Hindu Great Night, the final of all cycles, the last breath of Brahma, when all of creation is absorbed. Some will re-start again while others exit; ours is the path of exit.

The Great Night is hierarchically above creation, it pre-exists, it is uncreated and eternal. All things that exist were in the Great Night, in the Great Day those things externalize themselves and become visible. But from the night all things came and in the end all things will return; you can either become a conscious, free, autonomous being so you exist through the cycles, or you will be reabsorbed and “sleep” in the night, so you’ll have to live everything again in the next created universe. We call this night the Unknowable World, because there is no possible means to explain what it is like and what it is not like, it is completely above and outside everything that exists, it is even beyond the understanding of the gods. But you have to be born a human to have the chance of transcending, you have the power that neither gods nor demons have.


Note by JRK: We can see that Ella’s left-hand path of Nein & Nacht falls upon the dark side of our image above. Next we’ll delve into its opposite complement, the side of light, which we’ll designate by the Latin word Lux, in the Roman spelling LVX.

3. The Night Is the Light

9 thoughts on “Spirit of Darkness, Lord of Light

  1. Buddhism and Hinduism teach annihilation at Liberation, but Jainism teaches that Liberation results in our joining with the Transcendent Brahman, and working with it to administer the world. Not that I have a choice in all of this (That I’m aware of), but if I did, I would choose the path of the Jina.

    Interesting article, I look forward to the Bright Side.

    • I believe you’re wrong about Hinduism. Note that Ella said the reason the Hindus (i.e. the Brahmins) rejected Buddha was precisely because they saw his doctrine as preaching annihilation. I believe you’re right that Buddhism does actually teach this, though Ella’s narrative gives me pause. I’ll have to look into it a little more before I state some conclusions in the next chapter.

      What do you mean, you have no choice? Are you some kind of neo-Calvinist? 😲
      In carving out my own path my discoveries closely match your description of the Jainist teaching, so I point out that you don’t have to be a Jina (or even a Djinn) to recognize this. 😉

      Ah, the Bright Side! 😁

  2. She was pointing out that the Void (the Goddess) is also a plenum and the source of all life: ” … the Void is not so nihilistic after all. He (the Solar man) does not nihilistically die, but he breaks into the Real World. He does not achieve death, he achieves more-than-life.”

  3. A clue as to how the Void (nothing) can also be a plenum … seethe Ancient Topological Metaphor of the Medium .. and all “down stream” dialectics …

    Half way down page here https://erenow.net/common/financial-vipers-of-venice-alchemical-money-magical-physics-banking-middle-ages-renaissance/2.php

    or discussed by Joseph P. Farrell and all “down stream” dysfunctional dialectics in his book “Yahweh the Two Faced God” https://www.amazon.com/Yahweh-Two-Faced-God-Terrorism-Apocalypse/dp/0985021101 and discusses the topological metaphor and how it relates to physics and finance, religion and reality in other his works. The book is detailed on the metaphor and its regarding global social-geopolitical dysfunction.

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