Origin of the Oldest Profession


8. The Origin of the Oldest Profession

With India ruled by the Muslims and Christianity prevailing in the West, the entire first half of the second millennium was a long era of sexual repression. A remnant of Shaktis continued their work covertly, with greatly modified temple dancing and other rituals. Many of the best omegas were taken into the harems of the Caliphs, to whom Mohammed allowed four wives each. A far larger proportion of women were sucked down into the pit of prostitution, the unholy darkside of the profession. The population of ordinary Muslims was monogamous, and the strictures on extramarital sex and on women in general were the most severe of any religion or culture in history. And there are two factors that provide the soil for prostitution and fertilize it: monogamy and sexual repression.

In chapters 2 & 3 we delved into the primal foundations of the monogamous West with the aid of Tacitus. We saw the strict punishment inflicted by the husband on an adulterous wife as he cast her out of his house, after which she would be forever barred from marriage. Tacitus said nothing about what became of such women, but a moment’s thought gives the obvious answer: since they had no other way to survive in the forest primeval, they bartered the only remaining thing they had of value.

Such women would be in dire need of protection ~ held in contempt by all, including the men they sold their favors to, they were subject to abuse at every turn. A certain caste of men stepped in to fill the need, and to plumb their nature we must turn back to chapter 4 where we saw how life on the edge of the Ice Age glaciers in Europe favored a monogamous lifestyle, causing a decline in the power of the alpha males. The fossil record does not reveal the details of how this happened, but we can dramatize it a bit and say that the majority of lesser males made league against the best, and used their strength of numbers to overthrow the leadership of those who are born to be kings by grace of nature.

Many of the alphas retained their rank amongst the nobility of the new regime, and some of them were still kings or chieftains; but most of them melted into the population or into the forest, where they exercised their natural talents in haphazard but creative ways. Instead of a king’s harem in a palace like in the East, the freelance alpha kept a stable of prostitutes servicing the “johns” who paid fealty to him in the form of money, or whatever form of barter was the coin of the realm. And those who held court in the woods and mountains gave rise to the archetye of Pan, the great Horned God who is Yang incarnate, and who entices mortal women into his embrace by means of the sensuous melodies he plays on his seven-fluted pipe.

In the Middle Ages the same scenario was recast with a different script, as wayward girls and respectable ladies formed witch covens, and sneaked out of the towns at night to worship the Devil ~ our old friend the alpha male. He sat in the center of the magic circle of twelve witches, and performed an inverted erotic version of the Christian mystery: “Take ye and eat, for this is my bawdy big lingam; take ye and drink, for this is my bloody good jism. Soon ye shall see me no more, but bear each of ye a child in my image and likeness.”

The top-quality semen of the alpha males produced ongoing bumper crops of babies by these subversive methods of transmission. Nevertheless, over the long term there was a degenerative effect on society, since the best men tended to be bastards living on the fringe instead of leaders invested with power and responsibility for society, as was their natural birthright.

Pan & Psyche

Chapter 9. The Love-Slaves of God

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