Aryan Arcanum


by The Kin of Aries

We are creating a new reality where white people can abide in splendor and awaken from the hellaceous nightmare that currently prevails on Earth. The links on this blog will take you to our prolific writings, most of them illustrated with striking graphics. And on this page we present our gifts of electric motion, or videos as they’re commonly called. 😁

We call our production studio an arcanum because it’s a repository of occult knowledge and esoteric secrets. Skeptics may scoff, but if your third eye opens while watching the show you’ll perceive the multidimensional reality behind the screen!

At the turn of the millennium white occult adepts performed a great working of high magic that called forth an Avatar, a new Son of God vested with a mission to save our race. His name is Ramar, and he makes his first appearance in this video.

Ramar begins to unveil his plan to achieve the goal expressed in the title of this video. Deliverance will come through victory in the apocalyptic war that’s now being waged in Heaven and upon the Earth.

This video uses ironic humor to dramatize the insidious schemes of our adversaries. Then Ramar summons all the White Gods onto the battlefield, and shows how you personally can bring victory into your life right now!


Our first production was a two-part series on Holy War, which we call Gotteskrieg. Part 1 features cuts from Richard Wagner’s opera Lohengrin, depicting the traditional ritual of trial by combat, in which the outcome is determined not by the strength or skill of the combatants, but by the Will of God.

In Part 2 we revisit the Crusades, and discover that fighters on both sides knew what the secret weapon was, at least in theory. Then we leap into the deeps of the psyche, guided by White Masters like Wagner, Carl Jung, and even the ancient Aryans. It’s all very personal, and shows you, the viewer, how to tap into the arcane power that will forge you into a Gotteskrieger.

Our fate rests not only on the outcome of the Holy War, but the War of Love as well. This video is a dramatization of the first chapter of an ongoing written work, which you can find here:

Eroskrieg Index

The image-links above are to our channel on Bitchute, which is free of the many forms of censorship imposed by YouTube. But here’s a link to our YT channel:

The same videos are all there, but they’ll make you jump through a hoop to view some of them, like signing in to your Google account ~ if you have one. If not, you’re out of luck, showing that it’s better to stick to Bitchute and other alt-video sites.

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