White Enlightenment

An Amazing Case of

White Enlightenment

by JosephRex

In About the Kin of Aries I pointed out that “the fusion of Supernal enlightenment and racial awareness is a rare phenomenon in today’s world”. In Through a Glass Darkly I introduced a man named Dan (known online as Dan Mitchell) and gave a brief sketch of two mind-blowing experiences he had, which compare favorably with other first-hand accounts of Supernal reality, contemporary as well as traditional. Further along I’ll make just such a comparison, but first I’d like to tell you about another round of Daniel’s experiences which started about a year after those described earlier.

Dan was familiar with the postmodern myth about preternatural happenings and secret government experiments at Montauk, Long Island, but was naturally skeptical given its potboiler treatment in popular sources. Then in May 2012 he happened to see a photo of the Montauk Tower on a website, and, in his own words:

I was floored to my core because I had seen this building numerous times in dreams. I became so obsessed with it that I went to Montauk just to be near it as I struggled to understand its importance. While I was in the Montauk Plaza across the street from the building on the morning I was set to go back home, a full-blown initiation took place where I saw the unseen world manifest. A group of people I could hear and feel introduced themselves to me. When I asked who they were they said, “We are Aryans.”

Montauk Aryans

These were the same divine beings who had appeared to him the previous year, and ushered him into a boundless space beyond time and death, where he attained an ecstatic identity with all that is. Now he understood why it was that after those experiences of universal benevolence, “my love for my own people and family increased seven-fold”.

The Montauk encounter worked a permanent liberation (moksha, enlightenment), a tectonic shift in Dan’s ground of being. He says that it’s as if “the back of my head has been opened up and sewn into endless space and eternity”. He’s in “ constant intuitive-telepathic communication” with the Aryan light-beings, and in direct contact when he sleeps ~ frequently he’ll be out of his physical body and in their world. He adds that “they have made me extremely compassionate and have helped me to see the unseen world in nature. I have never felt any malevolence from them in any way whatsoever.”

A worldview has evolved from all this, which Dan expresses on his blog and in conversations with friends. He sees the pure white light of Spirit streaming down though creation in hierarchical layers, a perspective common to all traditional cosmologies and rediscovered by many postmodern experiencers. Dan’s special clarification is that “racial spirit, truth, and light are inexorably and eternally linked. Beneath consensus reality (or above and upholding it) lies the archangelic domain, and from there domains of purer light in ascending degrees whose beauty and profundity cannot be uttered in the languages of man. It is only in this lower world, where there is extreme privation of light, that evil, darkness, and meaninglessness reign over the spirits of light encased in clay” ~ i.e., incarnate white people.

This resonates well with the first words written on this blog, in the About (see link above): The Kin of Aries is a community dedicated to manifesting the pure white light of Spirit in people with pure white physical bodies.

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