Seelenheil ~ Path of the White Spirit



Path of the White Spirit

by Joseph Rex Kerrick

Supernal Spirit is All and Everything, the almighty power of creation and destruction, radiating divine love to all sentient beings, yet upholding the iron law of natural selection and the hierarchy that inheres in life and fuels evolution.

Sentience is the soul (psyche), the spark of Spirit embedded in us all. The fate of the great mass of ensouled beings is to live and die with barely a flicker of Spirit, but this underbelly of creation is fertile compost for the few whose sparks expand and arise like mighty beacons in the night. The faithful nurture of the Spirit-spark to its full flowering is often called a spiritual path, of which there are as many as the stars in a cloudless sky. Today the clouds roll in and paths are hard to find, so I’m glad to be gifted with the ability to offer one here and share what I know of these arcane matters.

My commission is to establish a path exclusively for white people, who as a race have a special relationship with Supernal Spirit. This is being sorely tested in these dangerous times, and most have buried their spark amidst a heap of garbage. Their souls have been warped by antiwhite psychopathology or by kneejerk reaction against it, which often just feeds the infection. In line with these critical conditions, I define the goal of the path as Seelenheil.  Among the Germans this means salvation, traditionally in a Christian sense; but I expand the definition to encompass the whole lexicon of spiritual attainment: Samadhi, Satori, Moksha, Liberation, etc.  Furthermore, the literal meaning of Seelenheil in Deutsch is soul healing, and this is a core part of the practice, a type of spiritual psychology.

My second choice for a name would be Gotteskrieg, meaning Holy War. This is because conflict is the key element we’re dealing with in this challenging epoch. Gotteskrieg is waged on the front lines of political action and mortal combat; but the key to victory is the conquest of your worst enemy, who is none other than yourself.

My final choice for the name of the path was informed by the fact that only people who have attained a certain degree of Seelenheil are fit for the field of Gotteskrieg. From that point the two praxes are vitally intermeshed as complementary aspects of the same path: progress in spiritual development directly empowers effective action on the battlefield of life, in ever increasing degrees. And in the end, mastery of yourself is such a monumental attainment that it will be all of a piece with the fulfillment of your destiny in the world.



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