What Could Have Been, and Still Can Be

Wherefore Hitler?

The story so far: the twentieth century dawned on a White Imperium, in which most of the world was dominated by a racially-conscious league of men who had the enthusiastic support of the people in their quest for material progress and mastery over the powers of nature. The fatal weakness of Western Man was that he had sold his soul to conquer the world, renouncing the Supernal Spirit that had guided the lives of his humbler forebears. Nietzsche epitomized this Faustian bargain and upped the ante on it, proclaiming that a Western Superman could usurp the throne of God.

World War I was the first crack in the brittle crust of the Faustian ego. The utopian dream of an abiding Pax Europa was shattered; the people fell prey to mindless self-gratification, until the Great Depression shut down the party and threatened the survival of civilization itself. The only leader with a successful recovery program was Adolf Hitler, and the Germans’ love for him took on an aura of religious worship, with Christian clergymen lauding him as a Messiah. We subjected this phenomenon to a critical examination by a comparison to the exacting standards for Supernal attainment given in the Bhagavad Gita, and found that the Führer fell short of the glory of God. Of course this is true for most human leaders, but here there was more at stake.

The SS under Himmler became a cult of Teutonic Paganism at war not only with the Allied powers but with Christianity itself. For all the flaws of the Church and its imperfect prelates, the Christian religion is a vessel of Supernal Spirit; hence the Reich literally pitted itself against the divine omnipotence, and this is what brought its doom.

8. What Could Have Been, and Still Can Be

Our purpose in unveiling the deep spiritual causes behind the fall of Hitler and the Reich is to work a redemption of the mighty potential they embodied, and to resurrect it here and now in the new millennium. The whole phenomenon did in fact have Supernal potential, as shown by two vital revelations buried in the historical record.

Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, Edgar Cayce had a high reputation in occult circles and a considerable mainstream following. He was a humble man gifted with the ability to speak in hypnotic trance with the voice of a spiritual Source. The entity proved its power by curing countless people of physical ailments by prescribing obscure folk remedies of infallible potency. This track record gave credence to the Source when it began to speak of grand cosmic matters, unveiling the mysteries of the past and predicting the future. Cayce then became known as the “sleeping prophet”.

Edgar Cayce

On November 4, 1933, Cayce gave a reading in which questions were put to his spirit-control about Hitler, who had just come to power in Germany earlier that year. Some of the questioners were Jewish, and the general attitude of the people in the room was critical of Hitler ~ including that of Cayce himself in his normal conscious state. So there was some surprise at what emerged when Cayce spoke under hypnosis.

The trance-voice said that Hitler was being condemned in every manner from all quarters, “save that which comes from the Source.” It said that “if the power is held in that line as it has been directed” by the Spiritual Source, “there will rise a new ideal in the hearts, in the minds of the people.” It said further that “if imperialism. . . is kept in abeyance, great may be the rewards to this people, this nation.” It reiterated: “Unless there is the injection of more of the imperialistic feeling than is intended in the purposes and the aims of Hitler, it will make for the light of the world.” It said that Hitler was “psychically led”, and that “he stands much in the position as did Jehu (Jesus), as regards that people that THINK themselves oppressed” (i.e., the Jews). It re-emphasized that Hitler’s policies were being initiated by “the Spiritual Source”, and that they were misunderstood by the “material-minded” world. The control was asked if the situation would lead to war; the answer was that it would not, IF the policies dictated by the Source were adhered to. Finally the voice said: ‘Few does power not destroy, as men. Yet this man, unless there is material change, will survive even that.”

This startling pronoucement indicates that Hitler was originally the instrument of powerful benevolent forces, and that his movement could have had a redemptive effect not only on Germany but the world. Then the caveat given by the spirit-control implies that it didn’t happen because Hitler became corrupted by the burden of power; and of course his drive for Liebensraum proves that imperialism was in the offing from the start.

Rudolf Steiner

The second revelation was a prophecy made by Rudolf Steiner, a man of high reputation in turn-of-the-century Germany for his scholastic and literary work on Goethe. He had highly-developed psychic abilities and was a spiritual teacher with a large following; he founded a movement called Anthroposophy, whose members number in the tens of thousands even today. In 1910 Steiner gave a series of lectures in which he predicted that Christ would return to Earth in numenal form (“etheric” was the word he used), and that many people would be able to perceive this divine presence, leading them to form a bonded spiritual community on a grand scale. He said that this would happen in the period between 1930 and 1940, and that the year 1933 would be especially important. The timing makes it hard to imagine that this prophecy did not refer to Hitler and the Reich. And it underscores the vital significance of Christ in the events and their outcome.

Next we’ll consider the possibility that a fresh link can be forged between the Supernal Christos and the spirit of Hitler which lives on in his new legions.

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