Who, What, Why, and How

We’re charting a path to a White Millennium, a goal that may well be described as miraculous and superhuman ~ so naturally it takes a certain amount of divine intervention, and the aid of those worthies whom we’re pleased to call Übers.  People who know that there is more to life than molecules in motion, and are not constricted by the dogmatic types of religion, may be able to grasp the reality of RamaSpirit and understand its nature.

The basic insight is that the almighty power that created and governs the cosmos has manifested in a form spawned from the white genome, on a mission specifically for the advancement of the white race on Earth. Obviously this is radically at odds with the universalist-egalitarian Zeitgeist of the world order, but such concepts were commonplace in more enlightened times in traditional cultures.

RamaSpirit is subject to spiritual evolution: it changes and grows according to the action of the incarnate people who honor it. In its present state of development, RamaSpirit has two main aspects. First and foremost it is a living spirit, a numenal being with the power to bring blessings, good fortune, and enlightenment to those who choose to tap into it. This option is open right now to most white readers of these words; click here to learn more about connecting to the Source.

Second, and more portentious for the future, there is the prospect that RamaSpirit has incarnated as a new white Avatar, an incarnation of God whose mission is to regenerate the white race and bring victory in an apocalyptic struggle against the adversary.

Soon we’ll explore the esoteric background that frames this claim, but the timetable is of vital interest. Ramagenesis explains how a solar eclipse and planetary alignment at the turn of the millennium heralded the coming of such an Avatar, and that the optimum moment of his birth was in May of the year 2000. If so, then the potential Godman is now 18 years old. Unlike exoteric religious beliefs, in real life Avatars are made as well as born, and everything hinges on the course of their development as they come of age. One of our top priorities in publicizing the Magnum Opus of RamaSpirit is the hope that it will come to the attention of the Überchild and perhaps trigger an awakening, or at least set off some sparks of self-recognition.

To fire the imagination and dramatize the possibilities, there is also a fictional opus in progress about the Avatar. Ram Arising portrays him in the near future at age 33, leading a resurgent international white community fighting for hegemony as the world order breaks down. Pull the Plug is set in the present and imagines the prodigious powers of the young Avatar-to-be as he masters them and wins the allegiance of white revolutionaries.

As in every age, fact and fiction meld into living myth, which is truer than truth and can empower a prophecy to fulfill itself.


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